Spotify vs Apple Music Price – What Works For You

The man who hates music cannot be trusted, I always say. Well, that was George RR Martin, not me. But hey, you would agree with me that it isn’t far from the truth, or is it? Speaking of music, let’s discuss two giants in the streaming industry, Spotify vs Apple Music price.

Now let us agree you love music; you love the ecstatic feeling you get from listening to the pure melody. Then, you would need a source. There should be somewhere you know you can always run to, for pure awesomeness, which happens to be your taste of music, to stream your favorite list, whenever and however long you want it. 

Well, some group of people had the same thing in mind, scratch that, they had you in mind. And there came Spotify vs Apple Music, in all their goodness, giving you what you need and being just a click away. Now, of course, I won’t be helping you to identify your friends only. I am going to be providing you with valid information and recommendations about them.

Let’s say you have never used any of these before. You have never even heard of it, or maybe you have and don’t know how it works, well then this was designed for you. In the course of this article, I will not only be telling how Spotify and Apple music works, but I will also be providing you with information on Spotify vs Apple Music Price. 

In this article, we would explore the following:

  • What is Spotify anyway?
  • Of course, Apple Makes Music
  • Spotify Vs. Apple Music Price
  • Let’s Find What Works For You

What Is Spotify Anyway

If you’re a library fan, then you’re safe. Well, if you’re not, then you have nothing to bother about because at least this time, there are no books, just pure vibes, and rhythm that makes everything alright. 

Now, what is Spotify anyway? Spotify is an online music streaming service, which has created a vast library of music and podcast. The beautiful part is that anybody and everybody can access this platform. As it is not only easy to use, it grants you access to any content of your choice, provided it is available.

Like every other good thing, of course, they all come with a price. But it also has a peculiarity with all good things as it is worth every penny spent on it. The prices are also always very friendly, and a premium package usually goes at a rate of $9.99. However, they have come up with specific plans packages for various time durations, people, and amounts. 

This is aimed at making sure everyone is served as best as they can. These prices may vary based on where you live but do not cause any significant changes. 

 After the trial period and seeing all the goodness that the platform offers, it’s only normal to want to stay longer. So you would need information on Spotify vs Apple Music price.

Spotify vs Apple Music: Spotify packages

Well, if this is you, and you’re ready to move on to more permanent or long-term plans, then there are a couple of options tailored to fit into different packages that may be just right! Here are some of these packages as highlighted by 

  • Spotify Premium for an ad-free experience of the app
  • The Premium Family plan is available for up to 6 family members living under one roof.
  • The Spotify Premium DUO is a subscription plan for two people living at the same home address.
  • Spotify Premium for Students.

Why choose Spotify? 

We’re not going to shove anything down your throat, so what sets Spotify apart? Is Spotify Premium worth upgrading? We want you to make that decision with all the facts available, so here are some pros and cons.

Pros of Spotify

  • Easy to navigate by users
  • Sharing Music Experiences with friends and family.
  • Provision to use the app on five different devices for music and Podcast downloads.
  • Compatibility on various devices.
  • Vast music Collection

Cons of Spotify

  • Lack of Lyrical Features. This hinders people fond of reading and singing along with lyrics.
  • Expensive when subscribed to a premium plan. You still have to pay monthly, irrespective of whether you use it or not.
  • Poor quality of sound for free users, whereas the Premium users enjoy 320kbps of music streaming.
  • Not Available in all Countries; one of the most significant flaws in video and music streaming services is their absence in some states. Some countries cannot access these apps, and the same goes for Spotify.
  • Spotify users have to listen to audio advertisements between their favorite songs and podcast shows if they use the free account. Another con of ads is that you can’t stream individual songs on demand. The experience using the app can be awful when you can only skip six tracks every hour. 
  • Limitations are numerous when using a free account mobile app. You can listen to any songs in any order with unlimited track skips as long as they appear on one of the 15 personalized playlists selected by Spotify’s machine learning algorithms for you. When your subscription expires, you won’t have access to any of the songs you downloaded.

Of Course, Apple Makes Music

Apple is not only one of the most leading names in the hardware and software industry. Its prowess in the technology industry has been evolving continuously and is still growing. Its series of edge-cutting personal computers raises the bar of quality by a notch with every release of a new project.

So, Apple makes music, well, not literally. In its line of innovation which it is known for, it came up with its subsidiary iTunes which later moved on to become Apple music and, like every other product of the brand, joined in the competition.

So how does this work? With a flat fee at a range of desired intervals, you get uninterrupted access to the platform’s vast music library. Now you don’t even have to bother about storage spaces as the music you listen to isn’t exactly your music. Well, they are and can be at any time. They just help you hold on to it.

Spotify Vs. Apple Music: Apple Music Packages

Apple Music has also made available various packages that will enable multiple price variations. This serves the purpose of comparisons between Spotify vs Apple Music price.

Here are some of their available packages;

  • Students can choose the Apple Music Student Plan, 
  • An individual monthly subscription or, 
  • The Apple Music Family Plan allows you to share your account with up to five people and give each member a personal account.

Pros of Apple Music

  • Price and Availability: 
  • Wide range of collection, yet easy to navigate 
  • Offline Listening: 
  • Provision of Beats 1 Radio: 
  • Easy access for connection between Musicians and Fans

Cons of Apple Music

There are Cons to Apple Music too!

  • Unlike Spotify, there is no free/ad-supported tier. 
  • Due to their apple Fairplay Protection, you can’t listen to your downloaded songs upon cancellation of the subscription.

Spotify vs Apple Music Price

Spotify vs Apple music prices may not differ so significantly, as they have almost similar prices. The listening experience can be said to be similar but not entirely. When their offline abilities are being compared, there are some dissimilarities. ‌ Apple Music‌ users can download up to 100,000  songs to their library, and using Apple’s iCloud Music Library feature, you can sync these across devices signed in to the same Apple ID. 

Spotify Premium members can download up to 10,000 songs on each of up to 5 different devices, but this number doesn’t include saved playlists.

The goodness offered by both seems unending, as offline listening on the services with very similar amounts covers songs, video content, concerts, and artist exclusives. Spotify subscribers have access to audiobooks and podcasts. Each day, the company is exploring opportunities to invest heavily in its podcast offerings so that users can expect a lot more content in this category of goodness soon.

Spotify vs Apple Music: Let’s Find What Works For You

So no, we’re not going to be outrightly shoving any of these options down your throat. What may be suitable for one person may not be as ideal for the other. So while you’re trying to decide what between Spotify vs Apple Music works for you, here are some things you should consider. 

  • While trying to make a choice, Apple Music‌ offers a  three-month free trial of its paid service, which converts to a paid membership unless the user cancels before the trial period is over.

On the other hand, Spotify also offers a free trial of their well-stocked premium plan, but it only lasts for 30 days before they charge you. However, it also provides you the option to use the free plan for as long as you deem fit, which enables you more time while you’re trying to make up your mind about the service.

  • Of course, we all like to share the fun. I mean, the more, the merrier, right? So if you’re concerned about sharing what you’re listening to friends or the general public, I’m utterly glad to let you know they both have the same feature.

They allow your friends to see what you’re listening to and for you to see what they’re listening to. Some tailored ‌Apple Music‌’s feature allows you to see what your friends listen to when you’re connected to them.

  • Despite speaker and voice command compatibility being common to both Apple Music and Spotify, some specific features are more prominent on Apple Music. It allows for playing DJ with simple commands directed to Siri. 

It also has advanced features of marking likes, dislikes, creating playlists by moods, etc. This may be achievable in Spotify. Still, by design, Apple Music is designed to carry this out smoothly and effectively. 


Humans are often faced with a dilemma when making a decision, especially if they have to choose between two great options. In this article, I have helped you deal with the dilemma of choosing between Spotify and Apple music. We considered some existing facts to help you decide between Spotify and Apple Music to ensure you make the right decision to suit your music taste and at the right price.