Video Content Distribution – 11 Tactics

Video content distribution is the next step after creating quality video content. At this point, you understand the type of content your audience want. Well, you have to draft a plan for your video, have a superb script, and get the video done. Now, all plans are in action, so what is the next step? Yes! Your guess is correct. The next step is distributing the video you have put together. Video content distribution is as important as creating the video itself. 

Without distribution, your video marketing strategy is incomplete. Video content distribution involves creating content and also effective distribution. Marketers must develop a content strategy to help educate their goals. Video content distribution consists of understanding your target audience and building relationships. It also involves creating a reputable framework. So, in this guide, you will understand how to distribute your video content. 

Websites and Landing Pages

It’s no news that including videos on your websites is another way to increase traffic. It is a top option for many people out there and can be a leading video content distribution method. Your website will be better positioned in search results when you have videos on your landing page. You also get potential clients to spend more time on your site. So, add videos to your website’s relevant pages. These include your homepages, service or product pages, about sections, etc. 

Also, you can create a video collection comprising all your brand videos. It will give your visitors more information about your brand.

Also, when running a specific campaign, it is essential to give a video about it on your landing page. However, you should ensure it is outstanding with a clear CTA to lead the visitors to take the right action. In essence, you must include videos on your website to get higher visits and ranking.

Email Signatures

Let’s say you have a small or large organization; you can use the email signature tactics. Email is a simple way to share your latest and captivating content with your customers. Work with the office administrator to create an additional line on email signatures. It would help the marketers promote the newest content of goods or services. 

There are tools that you can use to help enjoy this wow factor. These tools include; Wisestamp, Newoldstamp, and Black Pearl. These tools are available to help with your content distribution process.

Newsletter As a Video Content Distribution Strategy

Now, before you decide to skip this option, you should think again. According to extensive research, the number of email users will reach about 4.2 billion by the end of 2022. So, what do you say? Don’t ignore the newsletter just yet.

However, be sure to highlight fresh content when putting your video content. Yes! You may have it already on your website, but not all of your customers want to look for it. Some people like you to tell them what’s new and why they should watch it or try it. 

Ensure you remind your subscribers about the engaging and insightful content you provide. This feature is why you should make sure you have your video content set and ready to be sent to your subscribers. There are several email marketing solutions available for you. Here are our three favorite options; MailChimp, Campaigner, and HubSpot. Check any of these, and off you go with your video content distribution.

Social Media Platforms

There are varying social media platforms that you can use to distribute your content. YouTube is far from the second largest search engine and the most comprehensive video platform in the world. Do you have a YouTube channel? Well, if your answer is a yes, that’s good, and if it’s a no, it is time to sign up. The benefits of this platform are numerous, especially for effective video content distribution. We have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter which are other effective platforms for video distribution. 

The ideal method to get the most out of this platform is to create teasers of your videos. These teasers help generate curiosity among your audience about your new content. So, ensure you share these teasers across your social media platforms. However, be sure to optimize the video to achieve the marketing goal. Also, you should choose the right platform that works for you and have a plan for each. Aside from creating videos, it is also vital that your channel is appropriately organized with a clear CTA.

Curated Content Solutions :Video Content Distribution Tactic

Savvy marketers understand that you have to include other thought leaders in the mix. Through curation, you can show your audience that you are solid on the pulse of your industry. When considering content distribution, this should be a top option.

Aside from sharing other people’s content, you can also add a little brand flavor. Plus, since you are sharing other people’s content, there’s no reason why you can add short video content into the mix. 

There are options that you can use to distribute your video content effectively. It is possible as long as the video content complements the other content. Or it could be a contrast display opposing viewpoints of whatever goods or services.

Content Distribution Networks

Just as we have social media platforms, we also have content distribution networks. The content distribution networks provide content creators with opportunities to share their content. It would help if you considered this option when looking for video content distribution avenues. These opportunities could be free or paid, depends on the network. Hence, another chance to share your optimized video content with your potential customers. 

These networks offer brands to pay for social media distribution through their network. An example is the Ouuu network that allows brands to pay for their advertisement. Other paid networks focus on getting your content on top sites like CNN, ESPN, etc. 

These service providers provide content providers with other options of advertising. With this option, you are sure to have your content getting across to the right audience. 

Influencer Marketing 

It would help if you built good relationships with influencers in the industry. Because if you do not, you will be missing out on content promotion opportunities. Let’s see it this way; a link to your video content on the right influencer Twitter page could send traffic to your site. Let’s say you have the right influencer post your website link on Instagram story. You are sure of getting visits on your site. 

The goal of marketing or creating content is to ensure it gets to the right consumer or audience. Having an excellent relationship with the right influencers can get you that. In essence, this is another way for effective video content distribution. 

Public Relation

This option works like the influencer marketing option. It is a formal way of the advertisement but does the job content distribution. In addition, you could pitch your video content to industry trade publications and journalists. If you also have a PR team, they should know the job even better. Just a mention of your website or news can lead to more traffic on your site. You can also have more downloads or views of your video content. 

So, if you want your video content to get to the right audience, this is another strategy to consider. Build a good relationship with these journalists or train your team correctly on pitching your ideas well. 

Employees Advocacy 

Yes! We have influencers, journalists, and other options to help distribute content. But, employees could be one of the most overlooked distribution options. It’s the 21st century, and everyone understands the power of social media. It’s time to ease up the social media restrictions in the office. Do you want your video content getting the proper attention? Then, you shouldn’t roll out employee advocacy. Let your employees take the content distribution to the next level. Allow them to engage in the distribution process, and you might get positive results. 

If you have cooperative employees, the advocacy program automatically arms you with more social media reach. You will have at your disposal actual people, not just your brand logo sharing your content. It might not be easy, especially in a regulated industry, but it is worth every effort. So, before you altogether scrap the idea, it will be logical to give it a thought. 


Is that video content just video content? Or is the idea outdated? Do you have some information inside that old video you posted six months ago? There are better ways to bring back your content to life again. This feature is what we term as repurposing your video content. Check your old video collection or archives and start planning on ways to recreate the videos. Repurposed content can link back and even promote any high-value content you wish to promote.

RSS Feeds

These feeds for blog content distribution are not so popular as they were before. However, they are still valuable and worth exploring. RSS feed can serve several purposes, especially when it comes to content distribution. Grab the opportunity and use this feed to distribute your quality video content. 

Here you have them. The 11 tactics to ensure effective video content distribution. Now, let’s quickly move on to taking the proper steps for distribution. Here are some of the steps needed to take for an effective video content distribution

Steps For An Effective Video Content Distribution

Find The Right Target Audience 

You must find out which of the platforms are most visible. Find the most visible platform and then engage with the audience. Some of these platforms include Facebook groups, WhatsApp groups, Slack, and Reddit. 

Get Suitable Video Content Formats

It is also crucial that you find out which video formats perform well on the platform of your choosing.


When distributing video content, it is necessary to request feedback from users. Refining the content according to the feedbacks from uses helps gain conversions. It will help the content marketers to make proper adjustments and improvements.

Develop An Outstanding Framework 

Once you begin to see your strategies and tactics showing positive results, it’s time to move further. You can now switch to developing a reputable framework to gain favourable outcomes. 

Conclusion : Video Content Distribution

Finally, you should market your video content with the intent of content marketing success. Video content distribution is another marketing that you need to market well. So, take your time to create quality videos, distribute and promote quality video content. So, before jumping on to the following video. Ensure you spend more time creating a few but top-notch videos. Then, use any of these tactics above to distribute and promote that content. Be sure that the distribution and promotion of your content maximize its impact on the right audience.