Music And Social Media Marketing – Unspoken Facts

Music is life, is a saying among people of every age group. Yes, because it has a way of working on the emotions of people. The tone and lyrics of any music could excite, relax, inspire or even sadden the mind. Music has a significant influence on people, depending on its genre. So everyone loves to listen to or even sing along to a piece of good music. Technology has played a big role in the music industry and one of the things we can’t ignore is how the relationship between music and social media has impacted how artists produce, distribute and market music.

However, the song that would affect any human being is a song they have heard. Music will not affect one who does not know of its existence. In this case, such music can not be life. For music to have a sweet or serene impact on the listener(s),   you must bring it to the listener’s notice. Artists have full knowledge of the effect of their music on their fans and the necessity for publicity, hence, the need for music promotion. Due to advancements in technology, communication between people has been made easier and faster. 

The music industry was not left out of this evolution. This advancement in technology has done the music industry a great deal. Social media marketing has proven to be a good strategy for music promotion.  It is now possible to go global and remain global in the music industry with just the right kind of approach and a well-managed presence on social media.

In this article, we will explore the following: 

  • How Social Media Marketing Changed The Music World
  • What You Should Do Or Not Do In Social Media Music Marketing
  • How To Promote Music Through Social Media Marketing 
  • Advice For Social Media Music Marketing 

So, let’s dive right in.

How Social Media Marketing Changed The Music World

In these times, music and social media are inseparable. Such that one cannot do without the other. The advent of the internet made the world a global village. So that, with an electronic device, one can reach millions of people by just registering on a social media website. 

Through social media, a countless number of artists have been able to broadcast their songs. This was made possible without having to promote their songs the old-fashioned way. This is due to direct interactions with fans. Thanks to social media, it brought many now-famous musicians like Anisa and Cardi B to the limelight. At the same time, others could get people in their country and beyond to hear their voices.  Thus, using social media marketing to bring their music to the world. See Social media part in cardi B’s fame.

The power of social media has grown to the point that artists use it to promote endorsed products. These now-famous people, however, used the power of social media marketing well for their music. Social media marketing, however, is not only about bringing people to the limelight. It is also used to keep their music and name coming up as news. 

Artists these days use social media platforms to announce their next moves. Like their upcoming shows, songs, albums, tours, thereby making fans anticipate these things. Social media marketing is so powerful that music artists that didn’t have social media presence slowly faded as the world evolved. Social media can do many good to artists, but a page not properly managed can scar a musician’s career.

What You Should Do Or Not Do In Social Media Music Marketing

Everyone knows that fans are always on the lookout to know more about their musician idols. Whatever post sent on social media passes information that paints an image to the public. And because music and social media are intertwined, an artist’s social media presence is a vital instrument for branding. 

People see not just one’s talent but also values and character as a person. A person could like an artist’s song but not listen to the artist’s music because of what is shown that such an artist represents. We have seen cases where persons start following artists because of the artist’s dress sense. Social media brands an artist. Music artists must be careful when making any move on social media because their follower base helps them command a certain level of professionalism.

An important thing to take note of in music and social media marketing is consistency. Do not allow people to miss you for so long. Let your presence be felt. Give the people something nice to say about you frequently. Being interactive with fans can go a long way in promoting music on social media. Some celebrities go to the extent of pulling stunts and letting fake news of them spread to keep their names on people’s lips.

One thing you don’t want to do on social media as an artist is to drag another celebrity for no just cause or because you don’t like them.  You must let the love grow. Ensure that you do not reply to every comment and never lose your cool on social media. 

Promote your music without so much focus on just the promotion. That is, every post must not revolve around selling your music, have interaction with fans and let them know you.  

How To Promote Music Through Social Media Music Marketing

Music lovers promote their music business using social media marketing standing on two legs. These two legs are: 

• Well managed social media presence

• Functional available reachable websites.

A Well-managed Social Media Presence

Every social media platform has rules and regulations that guide the platform. Some social media platforms are more interactive than others. Twitter is a very interactive social media platform. One can relate with the public intimately to this kind of app. Most artists have interactive sections with their fans on Twitter, unlike Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, and the rest of them.

These individual apps have their advantages and disadvantages. The artist or whoever is managing a music artist’s social media presence is to make good use of each of these platforms by playing by the rules and using the advantages of the app to promote the artist’s career. On more intimate platforms like Twitter, you must try to get followers’ opinions. For instance, get their opinions about songs. Be intimate with them. Tell them about your day, style, work, life, and so on. Do not allow your conversations to always be about selling music. Give your opinion on social and national challenges, ask what kind of song they want you to work on. Things like this will make them feel the love of their idol, which they will reciprocate by giving love in return.  See how to build your music career with social media.

A functional, Available, and Reachable Website

For people to hear your songs, they must be able to have easy access to them. This is why an available and reachable website is essential. And you don’t achieve that by uploading your music on just any music site. To get the required aim, any site you choose must be functional and managed properly. People should not have a hard time trying to download your song. So you must use the best site and platforms you can get. Get your songs on music streaming platforms popularly used like Google Play, Spotify, and others. It’s best to partner with a music distributor. 

A music distributor’s job is to upload your music and have it delivered globally on all major platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, music from YouTube, etc. Music distributors track activity from all platforms and collect your royalties in one place. They also get to know top songs and listener demographics and give you feedback. With this, you’re able to know if you are getting to your target audience. Make sure to do your research to work with a competent music distributor. People will only get to love your talent when they hear your music and if your music distributor plays a big part in making this happen.

Helpful Tips About Social Media Music Marketing

Having an active social media presence can be distracting. And creating good music and having to interact with fans is not as simple as ABC. Your fans need you to give them good music and still need to spend quality time with you. It is almost impossible to build up and maintain an excellent career when you have to spend hours making sure you have an active social media presence. Planning tours, songwriting, working in the studio and resting, make 24 hours seem like not enough time. Adding promoting your music with social media marketing to your daily schedule would make you wish there were 30 hours in a day. 

Because of this, some celebrities pay people to manage their social media presence. However, no one can reflect your life or image more than you can. Music artists must at times try to kill two birds with a stone. For example, by using 24 hours and live stories on Instagram to manage social media presence. 

Social media platforms are doing the music industry a great deal helping artists communicate with fans and with each other easily. But this also makes it easy for artists to have issues with each other and with fans. One wrong move can scar your career. Getting into an argument that results in being dragged on any social media platform is emotional torture for an average person, but for an artist, it’s beyond the average emotional torture; it could scar your career or even end it for an upcoming artist. See how celebrities’ social media scarred their career.


You would agree that making music without the internet and social media in this present day would be a colossal joke. Almost nobody plays CDs anymore. Mp3 has taken its place. The truth is the relationship between music and social media has come to stay. But only the wise will harness it smartly. Some artists’ careers ended because they could not move with the uptrend of technology by adapting to social media platforms. Some music careers have been crushed because of the inappropriate use of these platforms. 

With all these negative effects still, social media is to be thanked for some rising to stardom. Social media has had and will still have positive and negative impacts on many industries, including the music industry. Social media music promotion is essential. And you would agree that more hazard lies in staying off social media as a musician in this present age. World evolution has made it almost impossible to separate music from online marketing. It’s left for us to move with the train of evolution.