Apple Music Playlist Submission: The Ultimate Guide

Apple Music has over 68 million users to boast of. Therefore, this music streaming platform provides a large audience for artists. Its reach extends globally and is available in over 160 countries. Most people listen to their favorite tunes using Apple Music. When you get your music on the Apple Music playlist, it can give your profile and your listeners a considerable boost. In addition, it can skyrocket your social media engagement. However, the question becomes how the Apple Music playlist submission process is? Submitting your music isn’t always as complicated as most people believe it is. However, if you want to get your music out there and ensure a broad audience hears it, it is best to do this with an Apple Music Playlist Submission. In this article, we’ll explore how you can get your music on the Apple Music playlist; let’s take a look. 

What is Apple Music ?

Apple Music is a top music streaming service and is amongst the leading music streaming services globally. Apple Music comes with a friendly user interface that you can navigate to discover new music. It also features a vast music catalog where you can find your favorite music. This feature is why this streaming platform is a top option for subscribers worldwide. Apple Music comes pre-installed on all iPhone devices, which is why it is a popular option today. If you’re an artist, then learning about Apple Music playlist submission is essential. It will help you grow your audience, and you can easily get discovered by potential fans globally. 

Why You Should Consider Placing Your Music on Apple Music ?

Most people do not understand the impact Apple Music can have on their music or why they should consider the Apple Music playlist submission. Below are some of the leading reasons why you should consider getting your music on Apple Music. 

Impressive User Features

When you get on Apple Music as an artist, you gain access to impressive user features. These features help listeners discover new music and artists quickly and frequently. Getting on Apple music allows you to work this feature to your advantage. This way, more music listeners can discover your music on the platform. Apple Music playlist improves user experience on Apple Music Listeners can choose to create a playlist based on their preferred songs. You can also update your playlist whenever you want with new music you discover. The app even allows user to create their radio stations based on an artist or song. 

Apple Music has a music staff that curates playlists featuring a wide variety of songs. The platform also generates its playlist through algorithms. These playlists are usually based on your preference and taste, and you can find them in your ‘For You’ section. The type of playlist you will want to get on and learn the Apple Music playlist submission process for is the curated playlist. Apple Music develops the music chart based on a song or artist’s popularity on the platform. There’s the international chart and the localized chat. Getting on the music charts and curated playlists is a great way to popularize your music and grow listeners.

Music Stats for Artists

Apple Music is an excellent choice for new and professional artists because it gives you access to your stats. The Apple Music for Artist platform allows you to determine how well your music is performing on the platform. The information included in this stat will inform you about your music performance in different areas. You will also learn which age group listens to your music. This information will help you position your music better and learn how to make your music better. In addition, Apple recently integrated Shazam into the platform, and you can also gain access to your Shazam stat. This feature is great because it helps you discover where people discover your music on the Shazam platform. 

You’ll Receive Payment

The best part about getting your music on Apple Music and learning the Apple Music playlist submission process is that you receive payment. For every time someone streams your music, Apple pays you. This fee is usually taken from the subscriber fee of the listener. Artists get a share of this subscription fee. So, the more people stream your music, the more payment you receive. The average pay for each stream is $0.0056. In addition, your payment arrangement depends on the method your music gets on Apple Music. 

The Apple Music Playlist Submission Process – How to Get Your Music on Apple Playlist

Getting your music on the Apple Music playlist isn’t always easy. Apple Music is quite a private platform, so you don’t get to explore many promotional opportunities. The playlists you see on the platform are either curated by Apple Music staff or Apple Music partners. There are no third-party curators on the platform like other music streaming platforms. This feature makes it almost impossible to pitch your music and get it on their playlist. The only method it works is if you have a connection to Apple Music editorial team. Although Apple Music doesn’t offer direct submission options, there are a couple of steps you can take to improve your chances of getting on the Apple Music playlist. The steps below cover the Apple Music playlist submission process and land you a spot on their playlist.

Get Verified Using Apple Connect

The first step in the Apple Music playlist submission process is verifying your profile using Apple connect. Once you create a profile on Apple Music, you can verify your account by connecting your Apple Music account to your iTunes Connect. Visit iTunes Connect and link your Apple Music and iTunes Connect account together. This way, you can claim your artist profile. Remember that your music should already be on iTunes Connect. Once you do this, Apple takes about a week before verifying your Apple Music for Artist status. This first step in the Apple Music playlist submission process is vital in getting your music on the Apple Music playlist. 

Build Your Following on Apple Music

The next step in the Apple Music playlist Submission process is building your follower’s list. When you have a large following, it will attract curators to your profile. This feature then increases your chances of gaining inclusion in the Apple Music playlist. You need a network of supporters, and you can build your following online and in person. You can get involved with people in person. Target journalists and fans and develop a genuine relationship with them. You can share your music with friends, music writers, and radio stations. These people will help you promote your music and get you off the ground. One strategy you can use is also to become a fan of other musicians. Exchange music with them and compliment them on their music. When these musicians organize shows, they can invite you to perform, promoting you as an artist. 

Fellow musicians can also feature you on their playlist, introducing you to their fans and building your followings and network. Collaborate with famous artists on their music. When they get on the Apple Music playlist, your name gets out there too. More importantly, you should understand the power of social media and utilize it to build your followings.

Social media can hasten the Apple Music playlist submission process by increasing your followers significantly. Get the ideal social media profiles and update them regularly. Ensure you create a good artist website, and your artist bio should be catchy. You can share your music link on social media platforms and get your friends to listen. Ensure you link all your profiles together. Submit your music for reviews on music blogs and get your friends and followers to share your music. However, don’t get spammy, or your friends and fans might begin ignoring your posts.

Create Your Playlist

Another step in the Apple Music playlist submission process is creating your playlist. This action will not only please your fans and the streaming platform, but it will also build you up as an artist. You can start by creating your playlists based on different themes. It could be genre-specific or based on your influences. Ensure the genre you pick is a theme you’re good at. Also, find a way to fit your music into your playlist. However, don’t spam the music with your playlist. Ensure your playlist is one that your fans would appreciate. 

As more people, playlisters, and fans check out your playlist, you would grow as an artist. This action will also help to increase your chances of getting on the Apple Music playlist. One tip you can use is to treat fans like your friends when creating a playlist. Is the music something you would love to share with people close to you? Then, include it in your playlist. Ensure the playlist features songs from other artists who blend well with your music.

Try Apple Music Partners

The last step in the Apple Music playlist submission process is trying Apple Music partners. The only other set of people allowed to curate public playlists on Apple Music apart from the editorial team is Apple Partners. If you don’t directly connect with Apple Music’s editorial team, your best bet is through the partners. Apple Music has several approved partners that will get your music on the Apple Music platform. These partners usually include distributors and labels. Apple Music distributors help to get your music on Apple Music and receive streaming revenue for you. In addition, they can also submit your music for inclusion in the Apple Music playlist. However, distributors will charge a fee, or they might take a percentage of your income. 

Labels are also Apple Music partners. They will help to place your music out there strategically. Labels usually have agreements with the artists they sign. Your percentage depends on the contract you sign with them. If growing your followings and verification doesn’t get you on the Apple Music Playlist, this is a great way to make it happen. It comes at a fee, but the result is usually a massive growth in your following and earnings. 

Get Started With Apple Music Playlist Submission

Apple Music is a fantastic platform that will help increase your fans by growing your listeners. This streaming platform also helps to grow your brand as an artist and increase your earnings. That’s why getting your music on Apple Music and their playlist should be a top priority for you. If you have songs you would love to share with the world, don’t hesitate to create your account with Apple Music today. We outlined the steps of the Apple Music playlist submission process above to help you along. We also shared the various benefit that you enjoy when you get your music on Apple Music. Now that you’re aware of the process and what you can do, why not go for it today.