Music Video Shoot- How To Prepare For The Day

If you’re planning to go for a music video, it can be overwhelming to do it independently. Everything seems too much, and you’re never prepared for the music video shoot. What if there was a way to prepare for a music video shoot and make life easier for you? These tips below show you how to prepare for the day and have a great music video shoot the next. Let’s dive into the article and the best tips to get you through the day without further ado.

Picture the Concept

If you’re planning to go for a music video shoot, you need to picture what the whole shoot will look like. If you lack clues about where to begin, you can watch videos of your favorite artist for inspiration. Create a mood board of everything from the wardrobe to references, location, colors, makeup, hair, and more. You just need anything that effectively captures the mood you want in your video. This mood board helps you discover your taste and what you would like or not like on the video shoot mood. One way to get through picturing the concept is to write a short list; this list could include information like camera movement, timings of characters, and more.

To even help through the visualizing process, ensure you listen to your track while writing the overview. You could get inspiration on where the music video shoot should take place and if you have enough material to go through the shoot. Having a clear picture of what you want to achieve at the end will make the editing process relatively easy. If you want extra help with the visualization, you can always draw up a storyboard for your music video. Remember exactly how you envisioned it when drawing; your drawing skills are irrelevant in such situations. 

Plan Your Music Video Release Ahead

One of the steps you need to prepare for your music video shoot is to plan the release date. Before you release your single, you also need to figure out when you plan to release your music videos. Would you like to release the music video at the same time as your singles or weeks after? If you plan to release at the same time as your singles release, have you booked a videographer in preparation for that day? You also need to secure a filing date before it’s even time and find out your time availability. Although it sounds like a simple process, it’s not, and many music artists get it wrong when it comes to a proper release. 

In preparation for your music video shoot, you should plan at least two months before the time. This early planning gives you enough opportunity to secure location, book the necessary people. You can plan how you would like to shoot the video even before the song is complete. No one likes a rushed project, and it usually leads to a lot of errors. That’s why planning your music video shoot far ahead is vital. It will also provide the producer and editor ample time to edit your video when you end up shooting it. Remember that video editors usually have a high turnaround time, so you have to plan with that in mind. 

Make Your Budget Clear

Sometimes, a music video shoot can run into very high costs. That is why you must make it clear to your videographer the type of budget you want right away from the very beginning. This way, your videographer can begin to plan your music video concept around your budget. When planning out your budget, there are several things you need to take note of. First, consider the locations you would like to film at and how expensive they are to use. Also, consider if you’re good with the cast members you have or if you would like extra cast members around for the video shoot as a backup. How many locations do you want to film at, and how long would the filming at each location take? 

Also, consider the outfit you would need for each location and the number of props you need. Tally up the cost of everything and take note of the amount when planning your music video budget. When you go through your list of expenses, you should work out the rough cost of shooting. The type of shot you want will also give the videographer the gear they need to bring. The idea for the location can help you determine just how long each shot will take. When hiring a cast, it is best to set a day rate or production and post-production days. Nail the budget down to an estimate so you can precisely know what you will be spending overall. 

Get Your Team Together

Before the day of the video shoot, you must secure your team. Ensure everyone is clear about their role in the music video shoot. Get your cast members together, the makeup artists, videographers, video editors, wardrobe manager, and every other person you would need on your team. Ensure you do this two or more months before the day of the shoot. Doing that gives your team enough time to prepare for the execution of your music video vision. It allows them readily prepare to give their best as much as they can. Also, be clear about the days you will be shooting to your team members. Doing this ensures everyone can have great timing expectations on the shoot day. 

Practice Regularly

If you intend to sing, perform or play instruments in your music video, you have to practice regularly. Practicing saves you the stress of many retakes on the day of the video shoot. If you’re singing, ensure you practice so you can memorize the lyrics to your songs. Although it is your song, you can forget some lyrics in the heat of the moment if you don’t practice enough. Also, practice the moves and dances you would be doing on the shoot day. You should rehearse in front of your mirror to have a clear idea of what you would look like on camera. 

Don’t wait till the day of the shoot before practicing. If you’re a band, don’t start practicing on the scene of the shoot. That’s a recipe for disaster, and the videographer will find you unimpressive because you’re not only wasting your time, you’re wasting theirs. When you don’t rehearse well enough, it will cost you money when it comes to editing because there’s more work to be done before you can get a fantastic final product of your music video.

Figure out Your Wardrobe For The Music Video Shoot

You don’t want to start panicking days before the music video shoot about what you will wear at each location. That’s why you have to figure out your wardrobe style early on. One way to do this is by getting on Pinterest and creating a board of the looks you want for the shoot. Ensure that your wardrobe style fits right in with the kind of song you would be shooting a video for. Figure out what your hair would look like and the color scheme you’re going with. If the music video shoot is for a slow song, you want muted and cool colors in your wardrobe. However, for upbeat music, colors that are fun and crazy will suffice. Most importantly, ensure your chosen wardrobe style aligns with the concept you choose for your music video.

Ensure Props are Available

Props are an essential part of a music video. They’re usually symbolic or simply help to make the video more exciting. Just like practicing, you also need to plan for the props you will need. If you require specific props for your video shoot, arrange how you’ll get them ahead of time. Many artists have stories where their props didn’t arrive on time or couldn’t get them because they started taking orders at the last minute. We recommend that you get your props ready and available weeks before your music video shoot. 

The same applies to the gears that you would use for your music video shoot. Ensure that your videographer brings a spare camera, more batteries, and lots of memory. Also, make arrangements for shelter in case it rains. When shooting music videos, anything can happen, which is why you need to be very prepared for the shoot. Ordering props early and making sure extra props are available will ensure you have a backup to mitigate unexpected challenges. So many things could go off track, but you won’t have much to worry about if you prepare appropriately.

Ensure the Locations are Secure

Most people don’t think this matters a lot, but if you want to avoid getting stuck on the day of your music shoot, you should ensure that locations are secured. If you have your wardrobe, makeup, and hair looking good but no place to shoot, the purpose is defeated. Most times, the location is the factor that makes or breaks a music video shoot. Check the site before the day of the music video shoot and ensure the set is in place. If your set is dirty, unarranged, and looks like garbage, you might have to postpone the video shoot, which would mess up your plans. The locations you also choose matter and must be in line with your music video concept. It sets the ideal tone for the music video and needs to be in the best condition. 

Ensure There’s Extra Cast Available On Your Music Video Shoot Budget

Sometimes, finding an extra cast can be pretty toiling, which is why you should prepare for this beforehand. Having an additional cast available helps you mitigate problems of one or more of your cast not being available the day of the shoot. If you leave it till the last minute, you will find it hard to find extra casts days to the shoot. Make the shoot day clear and what they will need to wear if they’re called on to avoid them not being ready too. Also, make it clear if they’ll get paid and what their hair and makeup should look like. Ensuring that nothing goes wrong with your cast is key to having a smooth music video shoot.

Communicate Regularly With the Videographer

Most times, music videos only take a single day. Therefore, you’re sure it’s going to be a busy day that requires lots of preparation. Sometimes, you’re in charge of the entire planning, especially if this is your first video shoot and you’re on a budget. If that is the case, then regular communication with your videographer is essential.

They might ask you several questions to understand how things will fall in place and what they need for the shoot. Tell them about updates so that they can plan around it. Sometimes, they might even be able to step in and help when you need assistance. Most videographers have experience shooting music videos and have experience you don’t. They might help to make the planning smooth if you ensure clear communications with them. If you don’t ensure smooth communication between you and the videographer, your music video shoot might not go according to plan.

Final Thoughts On Music Video Shoot Preparation

Shooting a music video can be pretty stressful and nerve-wracking if it’s your first time. This article covers all the steps you need to take to prepare for your music video shoot. These steps ensure that nothing goes wrong on the day of the shoot and you have everything in place. If you follow these tips, your music video shoot will go seamlessly and without any hitch.