Music Review Blogs – Get Your Music Featured

As a new music artist or experienced one, one thing we can all agree on is that the best way to dispatch your music is one on the internet. Many people follow blogs that share content that align with their preference. That’s why you need to use this to your advantage when advertising your music. As a musician, you have to create a relationship with bloggers for your music. Getting your music out there is complicated and getting it to the right people is even more difficult. The answer – getting it to music review blogs – seems easy. However, you’re competing with hundreds of musicians and PR professionals for a spot. It can seem overwhelming thinking about it. That’s why this blog post is here to save you some stress. Read this guide for tips on how to get your music featured on music review blogs today. 

Do Your Research On The Best Music Review Blogs

If you desire to get your music on music review blogs, you must be willing to conduct in-depth research. The first step to take when researching to get your music on music blogs is checking out the writers. Every music blog has writers for each category, and you have to find out who covers your music genre.

Once you obtain this information, you can follow them on Twitter and find out more about them. Get their tweets and the reviews they’ve written. Also, keep an eye out for their email address and once you discover it, start to establish a relationship with them. Ensure you’re a genuine fan of their blog, as that will help your cause with them more than sending your music. 

Some music review blogs you can start with are Pitchfork, Stereogum, and many more out there. Let the writers in your genre of music know that you’ve been following their music. You can even refer to a couple of music they’ve written and let them know that you enjoyed it. When they finally accept that you send your music in, it will increase your chances of a positive review. 

Figures Shouldn’t be a Priority.

We are all aware of how crucial social media figures are in the music industry. Many of the things that many people count are how many Instagram and Facebook likes you get and the number of plays you have on Soundcloud and Spotify. These are top figures considered by the media when picking the right plays.

Don’t focus on these metrics when you want to get your music on music review blogs. Some people pay for likes and plays before sending their music to music blogs. If your music isn’t good enough, you will still not be a top consideration when they’re choosing artists to feature. It would also become increasingly evident that you bought likes and plays if your music isn’t good.

Although it is a great idea to include your social media links when reaching out to music blogs, it shouldn’t be your focus. Picking the right song that would make a good impression should be your focus. Also include basic information about yourself they can use when deciding to write a review for your music. Figures might come in handy later, but don’t make it a priority. 

Produce The Music You Like

The hype effect doesn’t just include the numbers; it also touches on the kind of music you produce. Most artists focus on what they believe the public will light and what they think music blogs will like. Many music producers today follow music trends that are popular and in the moment.

However, trying to recreate popular music won’t make you famous, and you probably won’t excel in this category like you would in your preferred genre. If you read up on successful artists, you will find that most of them simply created music that they liked, and the right crowd discovered their music. Music review blogs want to hear your sound, not what’s popular. If your music is unique, chances are they’ll give you an opportunity faster than the popular trends. 

Send Bloggers Exclusive Music

Most bloggers are not too keen about reviewing popular songs because they usually don’t have much to make from that. Most bloggers search for exclusive music because it sets them apart from other music review blogs. If you want these music blogs to write about you, you can make new music that no one has released a part of your pitch. Many musicians today release their music track by track by sending music blogs exclusives. Remember that blogs like to receive exclusive content, and if you give them what they want, you’ll also get what you want. 

Stay Away From Mentioning Competitors

While many musicians are seeking blog coverage, many music review blogs are seeking extensive music coverage. The top music blogs are also quite competitive, and therefore, you need to tread carefully. Most times, musicians tend to boast about their press, and that’s a good thing in some instances. Being able to talk about your achievements gives you credibility in a few cases.

However, when you’re making a pitch to music bloggers, be careful not to speak of their competitors. Remember that music blogs love exclusivity and would prefer to think you’re exclusive to them. If you have a track previously with another music blog, it is best not to boast to this blog about it. Doing this can hurt your chances of a feature. It gets even worse when you talk too much about the coverage from their competitors.

Include a Call-to-Action

Including this usually sounds simple, but music artists often end up sounding ambiguous at the end of their pitches. The musicians often end their pitches by asking the music blog sites to check out their music. However, the trick lies in letting them know what you want and providing them with the information you need.

If you want them to review your album, you have to offer press copies and ask them to review them for you. If you want them to create a write-up for your upcoming show, then provide them with details about the show and ask for a news post on the gig. A clear call to action is always essential in pitches. While it might seem a bit demanding to be precise with your choices, it will let the bloggers know what you want from them. 

Keep it Brief and Professional.

Another way you can get your music on music review blogs is by keeping your pitch professional. Remember, hundreds of music artists are sending their music and pitches as well. There are many pitches they have to go through, so you have to be creative to stand out from the horde.

Ensure you keep the pitch short and professional. Many bloggers have thousands of emails to attend to and do not have the time to read five-paragraph mails. That’s why you need to keep it brief and get to the point quite quickly. You also need to craft your pitch creatively. You have to be unique without going over the top. Don’t overdo it, or you might come off as quite desperate and scary.

Even if your pitch includes just a unique line or two, ensure it sets you apart and makes the content creators want to read more. While being creative, don’t forget to keep it professional. Use the proper grammar etiquette. Also, make use of professional language in your pitch.

If you have to get a second set of eyes to go through the pitch, then do it. Don’t sound too professional in your pitch; you can still keep it simple but not so simple that you’re using improper language. If you can’t pay for your PR, which most independent music artists don’t have, you need to get your pitch right.

Networks Can Make Music Review Blogs Notice

Another way you can get your music into music review blogs is through networking. Regardless of people’s status in the music industry, build relationships with them. Meet other Djs, booking agents, artists, label staff, and anyone in the music scene. Building these connections can help to open new opportunities for you in the movie industry. However, try not to impose and be professional when making these connections. When you build the right relationship in the music industry, it will increase your chances of getting a feature. 

Send a Follow-Up Email : A Reminder to Music Review Blogs

When you send in your pitch, ensure you give the music review blogs a chance to reply. Most music blogs receive hundreds of submissions each day, and it may take time before you get a reply from them. Another thing that could be causing the delay is when they’re deciding whether or not to cover you and how you will fit into their calendar.

Another thing you can do to send your submission to the top of the pile again is by sending a follow-up email. It doesn’t have to be done immediately; send it a few weeks after submission if you don’t get an offer. If they have a follow-up policy, you should stick to it to remain in their favor. 

However, if there’s none, send a polite email asking if they received the submission and have listened to your music. More prominent publications might not reply to your mail if they feel covering your music is not beneficial to their music blog. Another reason could be that they are not into your type of music.

Choose the Right Music Blog

A mistake many people make is thinking all music blogs are fair game. This idea is not the case as music blogs have different specialties. Music is a vast industry, and each music blog excels in reviews a select type of music. When choosing a music review blog for your music, ensure you focus on blogs that feature your music type. This decision will involve research. When you’re aware of the different music blog types, you can successfully narrow down your search. 

There are different types of music blogs, and there are some dedicated to a particular genre or music type. Don’t go for music blogs that cater to all kinds of music; it will reduce your chances of getting a feature. Two sites that save you time and effort scoring through the internet for the right music review blog for you are Hype Machine and Submithub.

Hype Machine gathers the music blogs and their latest posts for you to sift through and find the right fit. In addition, SubmitHub offers you statistics and methods that you can utilize in submitting music to bloggers. Many labels, blog editors, and others use SubmitHub to find new music. 

Conclusion – Music Review Blogs Are Worth It !

Like many people out there, you’re probably just looking for a glowing write-up. One way to get that is by scoring a feature on music review blogs. However, there are also many musicians like you with this same idea. The challenge becomes cutting through the noise and making your way to the top of the list.

This article covers many ways you can get through the horde and stand out. Use these tips, and you will score a feature on a music blog in no time at all.