Music Producer Management – A Full Guide

Music producers are always busy at work handing out beats in offices, clubs, and studios with the hopes of filling the boots of legendary producers, the likes of Timbaland and Dr Dre. Even though the odds of turning into a superstar overnight are relatively slim, the rate of new producers from the hood appearing on top-selling albums is heartwarming. The more you can focus on rolling out new and unique sounding material, the easier you can attract top-level artists and ultimately enjoy your break-through moment. Well, this is where music producer management comes in. A producer manager will take care of business and career development for you as you focus on spending more time in the studio creating beats and turning mere tracks into musical wonders.  

The careers of music producers don’t take off skyward by chance. It takes more than just having talent and luck to turn into an accomplished professional. Just like music artists, music producers need managers too. Your manager can be an invaluable asset that helps you plan and achieve your long-term career goals. As you focus on what you do best, your manager will handle your career’s business intricacies and elements.

  • Music Producer Management Defined; Who Is a Music Producer Manager
  • Music Producer Management; What Do Producer Managers Do?
  • Compelling Reasons to Invest In Music Producer Management

Music Producer Management Defined; Who Is a Music Producer Manager

Music producers have their throne in the music realm. They are the backbone of all hit songs that tap into our emotions or give us an adrenaline rush. Without music producers, the songs we hold so dear would not sound as good. That said, producers deal with so much work daily, and merely creating beats, writing unique lyrics, and directing songs consume just about all the free time they have in 24 hours. This leaves the business side of their careers vulnerable, and they may not have enough time to track their royalties, make deals and handle bookings.

Well, the artist side of your career may bring you joy and a sense of purpose. However, it’s the business side of things that brings in the money. Music producer management ensures that you don’t miss out on opportunities that can propel your profession forward. As you focus on music, your manager will be your knight in shining amour, ensuring that you enjoy the best opportunities and don’t take a dime less than what you deserve for each project.

Music Producer Management; What Do Producer Managers Do?

Generally, the work of music producer management is to handle the business affairs of a music producer. Sounds confusing, right? Simply put, the work of producer managers is as follows:

Manage Your Brand

As aforementioned, music producers are always busy making a track sound good or making beats for the next big album. It’s easy for them to go wild into their work and forget all about their brand. Like artists, music producers also have independent branding that helps them maintain a specific image. Generally, branding helps to attract more opportunities, audiences, and income flows. One of the main duties of a music producer manager is to ensure that you create and maintain a brand image that people want to work with.


Like branding, networking is also a major part of being creative within the music business. When you spend most of your time in the studio, you may hardly have time to meet, shake hands and make acquaintances with people who can be instrumental in building your career. In this case, your producer manager will link you up with various important people within the industry. Managers attend music shows, networking events, and studio sessions. When they meet persons of interest, their work connects you to them and ensures you lay the foundation for potential future collaborations.

Music Producer Management; Scout for the Best Opportunities

By attending events and networking, producer managers literally have their ears on the ground. They get plenty of industry information, some that may help their producer clients to make a step forward in their career. One of the duties handled by music producer managers is to scout for the best opportunities. This may involve locating placement, service opportunities, and setting up meetings within or outside the music industry.

Help You Maintain a Manageable Work Schedule

Did we mention that music producers are often busy? Well, in the heat of working with a new artist and creating beats in the studio, keeping tabs on meetings and important tasks on your schedule can be exhausting. 

Again, this is where your producer manager comes in. The expert will help you set meetings during convenient hours of the day. Moreover, the specialist may even represent you during some of these meetings if you cannot free up time. Nothing is as relieving as knowing that your business with new artists, production companies, lawyers, and potential clients is being handled, even when you’re busy in the studio.

Provide Professional Counsel

Unfortunately, even talented music producers are not necessarily business savvy. While they are good at what they do, they know little or nothing about the best ways to handle the business side of their career. With a producer manager in your corner, you can expect to receive timely and up-to-date professional advice. This may include suggestions and guidance on how to make improvements or attract better opportunities.

Music producer management is only justifiable when your manager helps in driving your career forward. Plainly put, managers are focused on the money. Therefore, it is their work to advise you on gaining an advantage in every opportunity that presents itself.

Music Producer Management; Contract Management

Each time an opportunity comes along, you have to handle contracts and sign the dotted line. Your producer manager will first ensure that your paperwork is in order. The expert will also go through your contracts and ensure they serve your best interests before making any commitments. If the fine lines in an agreement seem fishy, your manager may even pass your contracts through a lawyer to ensure that a pact doesn’t leave you holding the short end of the stick.

Contracts are legally binding. If you are not business savvy, you may not understand some of the jargon used, meaning that you risk agreeing to clauses that don’t work in your best interest. With a trustworthy manager in your corner, you can have some peace of mind knowing that nothing will catch you off guard.

Handle Negotiations

Often, music producers don’t work alone. They are often working with other producers, artists, record labels, or even music distribution companies. As such, they are constantly getting into agreements and signing contracts. Another duty of your music producer management is to handle negotiations and ensure you get the best deals. This could be during royalty split agreements, studio space payments, or just regular work-for-hire pacts.

Think of it this way; your best interests are aligned with those of your manager. As such, you can trust your specialist to represent you effectively and only agree to pacts that make business sense. With such a professional in your in-house team, you can trust that the general direction of your career is in good hands.

Compelling Reasons to Invest In Music Producer Management

Is music producer management worth it? Is hiring a producer manager an investment or an unnecessary expense? Well, these are just some of the questions you are likely to have. What is beyond debate is that producer managers have so much to bring to the table. Some of the benefits of hiring such experts include:

Make It Easy For Potential Clients to Reach You

Studio time is sacred time. For serious music producers, merely having their phones in the studio is a big NO. Why? Because they are busy at work, probably with headphones over their ears and their attention focused on the beats and how they work with different tracks. If you are rolling out your best work, the chances are that numerous potential clients will always search for opportunities to reach you. This includes record labels, radio stations, music journalists, and even independent artists.

Investing in music producer management makes work easier for everyone. Potential clients or persons who can propel your career forward don’t have to worry about their unanswered calls when you are busy at work. Your producer manager will handle the calls for you and represent you effectively to make the best out of each opportunity.

Music Producer Management; Give Yourself More Credibility

As an artist, the team behind you gives you extra credits. A producer manager makes you look more professional and gives potential clients the assumption that they are working with someone they should take seriously. That professional image alone can see you walk through doors that may have remained shut otherwise.

Moreover, people tend to be discouraged from considering doing business with you if they are not assured of a timely response. For instance, a radio station seeking to interview you will quickly move to the next available producer if you go for days without returning your calls and emails. On the other hand, you are likely to be a top choice for many when you have a manager who ensures all communications’ prompt responses.

Have an Intermediary for Your Band

Again, music producers often work with a team. Whether you are working with a group of artists or songwriters, the chances are that sensitive issues will crop up somewhere along the way. Often, in-fights are inevitable when you lack an intermediary. In this case, the work of the music producer management will be to mediate during these heated discussions. Whether you are talking about roles or financial issues, the expert will have the skills to help you make sober decisions that benefit each member of your band. This can go a long way in eliminating unnecessary tensions and disagreements.

Music Producer Management; Invaluable Insight and Direction

As we mentioned earlier, your producer manager should handle business matters, allowing you to concentrate on your music. Furthermore, the expert will keep their ears on the ground to know about upcoming concerts, music venues, potential clients, and more. Most importantly, you can count on your manager to provide invaluable insight and direction. This will ensure you have an easy time navigating the often tumultuous paths within the music industry.

The best part is that you will remain as your own boss. While it is not mandatory to take your producer manager’s advice, you have the right information at your fingertips to make informed choices. Often, the guidance you receive from your manager will be nothing like the information you can find on blogs or books. It will be tailor-made to match your specific needs and goals.

It’s Time to Get Married!

If you are serious about music production, it’s high time you considered investing in music producer management. A producer manager is more or less like a marriage partner. Their work is to provide the much-needed support to see you thrive in every aspect of your career. Your manager will be like the good angel hovering over your right ear, giving you helpful suggestions, clearing your schedules, bringing you the best career opportunities, and generally making your life easier and happier.