Music Conferences: 11 Benefits of Attending One

As an artist, you must have been hearing about music conferences here and there! You see it on the television once in a while, and you still wonder what people do in such places. If you’re an artist, especially an upcoming artist, attending a music conference is more than beneficial to your music career. You will not only go home with good memories but also with a stack of business cards and newfound opportunities. 

 Most artists believe music conferences are not worth the price of registration. So, the question is, why attend music conferences?  I think that a music conference generally enhances both your personal and professional development dramatically. Music conferences will provide you with skills and tools that you cannot gain personally or even online.

Not to worry, I will be taking you through the benefits of attending music conferences in this article. Let’s go on this ride together!

  • What is a music conference?
  • How do I get to attend a music conference?
  • 11 benefits of attending music conferences as an artist

What Are Music Conferences?

A music conference is the gathering of notable personalities in the music industry. Artists, entertainment lawyers, talent managers, and event promoters gather to speak on trends, topics, and future tasks that will move the industry forward.

It is usually held in a hotel or an event center. Most music conferences have two sections –the day and the night section. During the day, artists come together to listen to guest speakers. And they gather to watch performances by a featured artist in the evening time. If you’re not a performing artist, you would be required to pay per day.

How Do I Get To Attend Music Conferences?

Funny enough, anybody can attend a music conference, as long as you are a music-inclined person.  Music conference requires all interested participants to register with a stipulated amount. However, if you were invited, you won’t need to pay for the registration.  

All you need to do is research the music conference that aligns with your genre of music and follow the registration procedure and pay the stipulated amount. 

11 Benefits of Attending Music Conferences as an Artist

Opportunity to Meet New People

The opportunity to meet new people is the first benefit you get from attending a Music conference as an artist. Music conferences allow you to meet people you wouldn’t have met ordinarily. You would get to meet a myriad of influential artists and managers—especially those from different parts of the world or country, depending on the nature of the conference.

Music conferences are most of the time – if not all of the time – held in cities with flourishing music scenes. It gives you a chance to explore that market. If you’re from the North, you can benefit by meeting people from the south or the east. By meeting new people, you’re a step closer to your musical breakthrough.

Knowledge Expansion

There’s a saying that nobody is an island of knowledge. The music industry keeps growing every day.  If you don’t flow with the trend, you might see yourself left behind. By meeting and mixing with great and like-minded artists in the industry, you will acquire more knowledge on trending matters. I will have you know that these conferences are primarily not meant for show-offs but an exchange of ideas. 

Important issues would be addressed at the conference. In the long run, you get to go home with practical, real-world information. Every attendant in a music conference stands a chance to learn more about the music business. You could learn about new equipment, techniques, music technologies or learn from music industry leaders that you may not. Also, you will become familiar with the biggest names in the music and entertainment industry and the newest faces in it.

If knowledge is power, ignorance is a weakness. Success is guaranteed to you as an artist if every information you need concerning the music business is at your disposal. Hence, by attending the music conference, you gain more insight into the workings of the music industry.

Music Business Promotion

As I’ve earlier stated, the conference will feature seminars, discussions, and debates. Whatever area you might be finding hard to decide on would probably be touched during one of these seminars.

Below are some sample topics peculiar to music conferences: 

  • Booking without an Agent
  • Planning a Recording
  • Publishing
  • Getting to Know Sound exchange
  • Marketing plan
  • Managing the stage
  • Maintaining a Fan base

Aside from the formal sections, you will learn through discussions and by observation. Anyone sitting next to you during the performance you watch will provide an opportunity for you. Listen, observe, and learn the proper way to do things. You get clarity on major issues when you observe what works of other artists in the music and entertainment industry. 

Building Focused Relationships.

Making personal connections goes beyond email, phone calls, or messages. You build connections and trust when you meet people face-to-face. A music conference will give the opportunity to start, build, and maintain a relationship with business-inclined persons. Relationship building is an opportunity that a music conference is affording you.

The business of music is about who you know – networking-building relationships. Come to think of it, a talent buyer in need of an artist for a festival will not call an artist who he hasn’t heard from in years. He would instead give the sloth to an artist cold-calling her. Not networking is a danger to the future of your music career. If you don’t consciously build relationships in this field, you may soon go into extinction. 

Leads on Future Gigs

Even though you might not leave with plenty of new gigs, you will have numerous new leads.  There may be opportunities you may not know about. Some of these may be tours of festivals you haven’t heard of before the conference. Your attendance will give you these gig leads.

However, it could be more than gig leads. If you require a manager or a booking agent, it is an opportunity to meet individuals who can fit your desired roles. Do you need an OAP to spin your new album? Or are you looking for bloggers or vloggers to write and vlog about you? Songwriters and producers to collaborate?  Or do you even wish to get yourself a band? Then you have to kindle your interest in music conferences.

Focused Advertising

This is a huge one. Every one of the hundreds to thousands of individuals at the music conference are present solely because of their professional interest in music. Note that it is not just any random music but your very kind of music. 

Choose a conference that relates to your genre of music. That will instantly link you to relevant agents, promoters, radio stations, and other influencers. It will not only connect you to them, but it will also make them accessible at your fingertips. Go prepared with your business cards, flyers, one-sheet, and CDs. Eventually, you would not waste your time and money.


Some music conferences give opportunities for auditioning and freestyling. This is aimed at harvesting upcoming talents. If you’re an upcoming artist trying to find your footing in the music industry, this is a good place for you to start. However, you must note that not all music conferences allow auditioning. This is where intentionality and research come to play. Target the ones that best suit your needs and register for them.

There will be a lot of talent hunters who are searching for upcoming talents present in such events. So, prepare well for the event with a goal in mind. What do you wish to achieve before the end of the music conference

To Present Your Ideas To Others.

This is one of the more reasons most artists attend music conferences. A lot of artists and music inclined individuals have great and sellable ideas when it comes to music. The only challenge is that nobody knows them. Are you one of them? Then, a music conference is a  platform for you to tell the world of music about your ideas.

Probably you’ve been trying to reach great and well-known artists in the industry by mail, calls, messages, etc. It is an opportunity to meet them one-on-one and present your ideas to them in person.  

Getting Feedback on Your Recent Work

A music conference will enable you to get feedback on both your old and new productions. The music conference will allow you to evaluate your music and ways to improve it. 

Also, as an upcoming artist, the conference will allow you to present your music before professionals in the field. They will give constructive criticism and positive feedback that will enable you to work better on your music.

Hear About The Latest Development

The latest trends are what keep the entertainment industry relevant. This industry moves in a blink of an eye. What is trending today might no longer be relevant tomorrow. Attending music conferences will keep you ahead of things.

Also, if you want to know about the latest findings, rules, policies, and creations before they get published, then a music conference is the place to be.

For People To Meet You

As an artist, people will want to meet you for one thing or the other. A music conference is a place to meet up with you. People that can’t meet you personally will have the opportunity to discuss whatever they have in mind to tell you. Regardless if you’re a prominent artist or an upcoming artist, you may make a connection with anyone that could impact your professional life dramatically. 

You can also impact upcoming artists if you’re a people-oriented person. This could be your way of contributing your quota to the music industry.

Opportunity To Visit a New Place and Have Fun

Lastly, a music conference is an opportunity to visit a new place and have fun. If not for anything, music conferences are an opportunity for you to go out to a new place and have fun. It is always an exciting getaway from your everyday life. 

Even though a conference is more of a work event than a leisure one, it can be enjoyable.  Traveling to a new place is a significant aspect and one of the appeals of a conference. This indicates that you get to be in a different environment, eat different food than what you’re used to, and see some tourist attractions or local landmarks. Also, if you have the will, you can even try to pick some foreign words.

There’s also the chance to attend social functions like trips, dinners, or parties. Though it might not be as lively as you envisage, it is relaxing. All in all, a music conference is one you need to experience personally.


Even though attending music conferences does not guarantee your success as an artist, it is sure a tilt in the right direction. As you have learned from the 11 benefits of attending a music conference as an artist, you will note that casually attending the conference is a pure waste of time. You must be intentional about it so as not to waste your time and money. Prepare ahead of the conference, get your biz cards, flyers, and CDs ready ahead of time.

Also, note that packaging matters a lot when it comes to music. Package yourself, package your music and brand, and make sure to look the part. When all is set, choose the right music conference that fits your genre of music and start networking. Make sure not to lose focus. Good luck!