Independent Artist Management- All You Need

Being an independent artist, also known as an indie artist, is no easy feat. Even though this gives you complete creative control over your career, you may encounter inevitable setbacks without the backing of commercial record labels and their subsidiaries. In this case, both recording and publishing processes may involve using autonomous, do-it-yourself approaches. Fortunately, seeking independent artist management can increase your chances of successfully managing your career, exploding your fame, and getting discovered by your fans on a global scale.

Here’s the deal, through artist management, you can keep a substantial chunk of your revenue and still grow to your best potential as an artist. Some of the biggest indie artist success stories are Chance The Rapper, Thundercat, and The Beatles. What is synonymous among these legendary artists is that they used independent artist managers to find their unique paths to success.

  • Introduction
  • Independent Artist Management Overview
  • Artist Manager Defined
  • What Can Independent Artist Management Do For You?
  • How to Find Reliable Independent Artist Management Services
  • Conclusion

Independent Artist Management Overview

Often, there is a hardworking and talented artist manager behind every successful independent music artist. Independent artist management experts love music and are passionate about positively shaping the career paths of artists. If music artistry is your dream career and not just a creative outlet, the right expert can help you push your music to a professional level.

For serious musicians, writing and performing original music is fun. The tricky business is laying independent foundations to maximize the chances of excelling in the industry. Although it is not foreign for artists to enjoy lucky breakthroughs, achieving excellence as an indie often requires heavy lifting. This is irrespective of whether you are a solo artist or you work as a music band. Fortunately, an artist manager can give your music a serious go and help push it to the next level.

Artist Manager Defined

Think of an artist manager as a professional advisor or representative. Such an expert can help build your career by delivering your music to label executives and top-rated producers. What’s more, an artist manager has to negotiate contracts and ensure you get the best deals possible. Arguably, such a professional is an honorary member of your team when building a career in the highly competitive music industry. As you create good music and great hits, your manager will focus on your overall business operations as an artist.

The main goal of independent artist management is to guide artists into realizing their full potentials. As such, a good number of superstars have artist managers to thank for achieving their current heights of fame. These professionals play such crucial roles that their efforts have afforded them a seat at the table of the key players in the modern music industry.

What Can Independent Artist Management Do For You?

So, you now have a clear idea of what independent artist management is all about. The question that still lingers is what precisely an independent artist manager can do for you. An expert worth the salt will wear a range of hats to ensure the musician’s all-rounded business and professional development. Here are some of the responsibilities of your management team:

Marketing, Promotion and Public Image Management

The first step to success as a musician is exposure. As such, the importance of rigorous marketing, promotion, and branding cannot be stressed enough.  Your success as a music artist is contingent on various aspects, and the most crucial is good promotion. One of the major tasks of your manager is to get you features on platforms that matter, including music blogs and publications.

Moreover, your manager can help you craft a public image that stands out with respect to pop culture and current music trends. Fans are drawn to artists who look and act a certain way. Unfortunately, making great hits alone is not enough to propel you to the dizzy heights of international popularity.

Negotiating Contracts

Technically, no one can genuinely fly solo in the music industry. Even independent artists must shake hands with other parties from time to time to open opportunities that make it easier to meet particular career objectives. Legal contracts are uncharted territory for many musicians, especially those who are just getting started in their craft. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about complicated contracts as long as you have a reliable, independent artist management specialist.

In this case, your manager is responsible for providing professional advice to help you make wise business decisions. Moreover, the specialist should go through proposals from various entities and negotiate for the best deals on your behalf. Great managers have excellent negotiating acumen and interpersonal skills to negotiate deals that work well for them and even better for their clients.

Artist Development

Artist development is a broad term used to describe various processes essential to nurturing a music artist creatively. Again, your manager’s work is to find out the best means to boost you into the best musician you can be. It may involve linking you with the best producers or accomplished artists you can collaborate with to increase your exposure.


Putting up tour schedules is not easy for independent artists. Again, this is where independent artist management comes in to make your life easier. Your manager will work with booking agents and make all logistical plans on your behalf. It will include booking venues and other tasks that ensure the smooth running of tours.

Budgeting and Financial Management

Yet another duty of your manager is to ensure your wallets don’t run dry hindering marketing, touring, or music production plans. Good managers have special business interests and insight. This allows them to micromanage all areas of your professional finances to reduce the risk of unforeseen financial hiccups. Depending on your level of success, your manager may even link you with competent accountants or business managers.

Identifying Multimedia opportunities

Last but not least, your manager will ensure you take full advantage of multimedia opportunities that present themselves. Turning into a superstar doesn’t just happen by chance. From time to time, you need to appear on TV, dominate social media platforms, and even keep your fans eager for your interviews on radio stations.

5 Compelling Reasons to Seek Independent Artist Management

As an indie, justifying why you need independent artist management is challenging. This is more so if you are still making small-time money and hardly seem to have anything that requires “managing.”  As mentioned earlier, independent artist managers wear many hats. While some artists see them as booking agents, others see them as networkers that can land them the best label or publishing deals. 

Here are more compelling reasons for independent artists to hire music managers:

Time Is Not On Your Side

One of the most significant challenges for independent artists in managing their time and talent. You probably think that you must put in the work in person because your income is barely regular. Well, not necessarily. The sad truth is that most indies get stuck for lack of seeking professional assistance. It’s hard to handle everything, mainly because it’s rare for anyone in any industry to know everything. 

The majorities of artists are good at their craft but are a far cry from business savvy. Furthermore, even those that know a thing or two about business are often looked down upon when great opportunities show up. That said, you may want to consider delegating the business aspects of your career to someone who truly understands them. Think of this move as an investment in the future success of your music career.

Commercial Focus

The mere fact that you are a music artist means you are highly creative. While this is the case, it is not guaranteed that you’re strategic and methodical in the business aspects of your career. Time is money, and it’s best for independent artists to make the best of their creative energy. Managers have a commercial focus, and they can handle business as you spend your time doing what you do best —writing music, creating “killer” rhymes in the studio and stage performance.

Independent Artist Management Experts Don’t Make Money Until You Do!

So, is there a rationale in spending money to retain a music manager when you’re also trying to make ends meet? Well, a music manager must justify their worth in your team. Their core business is to help you earn to your best potential. Surprisingly, there may be plenty of money-making opportunities that you are yet to discover. It’s the work of your manager to find those opportunities and bring the big bucks home.

In the majority of cases, artist managers are paid a commission for their time and effort. For instance, they earn a small percentage of your income when they book gigs for you or find sync deals. That said, the sole motivation of your manager is the money, and this is a fantastic thing. An expert who wants to make loads of money in commissions will also leave you with “loads of money.”

Managers Have Invaluable Networks

Your connections as an independent artist may play a significant role in ensuring your success. Unfortunately, success may not come your way if you only have relationships in your hood and with people whose fame doesn’t radiate past your block. Experts in the independent artist management business know the right people. They have relationships with radio people, labels, venue owners, and more. If your inner circle doesn’t contain popular drivers in the music industry, hiring a music manager is long overdue.

Enhanced Negotiating Power

Sadly, artists who run solo are often looked down upon. It is improbable for an indie to land a superb deal if they represent themselves and negotiate on their behalves. When you hire a manager, you will have a powerful tool to earn you extra leverage in every deal. First, having a manager gives an excellent first impression. Second, you and your manager can interchange good guy and bad guy roles interchangeably to ensure your best interests are met when finalizing transactions.

How to Find Reliable Independent Artist Management Services

Indies must understand that they are responsible for generating enough buzz around their work to entice independent artist management experts. Besides, such experts work on commissions, meaning that their best bet is on artists who have already created something for themselves. Here Are Tips On How To Find The Best Manager:

Make A Name For Yourself

Again, it’s up to you to generate initial success and discover your niche and fan base. Self-managing is not easy, although you must do some heavy lifting to justify the need for a manager. It is sufficient to begin by getting booked for gigs and having your music on music platforms for independent artists. Your manager will provide the professional representation you need to bolt to the next level from this point. It takes your hard work to attract a manager capable of helping you excel.

Moreover, doing a bit of promotion and business management will ensure you down the line once you begin working with a manager. This will help you make more realistic expectations and give you a clue about what your management’s value should be bringing to the table.


A manager can help you meet and shake hands with the bigwigs in the industry. But, you have to do some networking of your own to put yourself out there and attract an expert who is worth your time. Get busy on social media, dominate streaming platforms and make sure you are featured on music blogs. Once you find your presence online, the right managers will find you.

Choose an Independent Artist Management Expert Who’s A Perfect Match for Your Goals

Once you make a name for yourself and network, good managers will find you! However, you must understand that not every manager out there is a perfect match for you. Some experts prefer working with emerging bands and artists, while others prefer working with more seasoned artists. Then again, some managers work solo while others are a part of high-profile independent artist management companies. You must think about your objectives and ensure that your manager of choice can match your expectations.

To Wrap It Up

Independent artist management services are invaluable assets to indie artists. An ideal manager will serve as your brand ambassador and help you make decisions that will benefit you today and in the future. If you have grown to a position of needing assistance with your merch range, scheduling gigs, and finding the best publishing deal, you are ripe for hiring a music manager!