How to Get More Plays On SoundCloud-Strategies

With so much changing in the music arena, even SoundCloud has made a few changes of its own. The most significant is that the home page no longer serves as your stream. This only means that your followers may not always find your music as soon as it is released. While it is beyond debate that SoundCloud is an excellent platform where artists can get discovered, grow their following and attract new listeners, you need a surefire plan to succeed. If you want to learn how to get more plays on SoundCloud, stick around for 11 legit tips.

Like most streaming platforms, SoundCloud is overcrowded with all kinds of musicians fighting for listeners’ attention. It’s survival for the fittest, where the music of artists who lack a strategy hardly attracts any listeners. Therefore, this blog will help you master how to promote yourself on the platform and maximize your plays.

  • Introduction 
  • Fascinating Facts about Soundcloud 
  • 11 Legit Strategies on How to Get More Plays on Soundcloud
  • Conclusion 

Fascinating Facts about Soundcloud 

So, why is every music artist going cuckoo about SoundCloud? Well, this is a platform that affords its users the chance to embrace the music world fully. SoundCloud ranks high on the list of major streaming platforms attracting multitudes of music artists and music lovers. Moreover, you can stream music, upload tracks, and even follow and subscribe to your favorite artist on this insanely popular platform.

Some of the fascinating facts about SoundCloud include:

  • The platform reaches over 175 million people monthly
  • SoundCloud app has roughly 76 million monthly users
  • In 2019 alone, the platform has over 272 million global listeners
  • SoundCloud has a music library of over 200 million songs
  • Over 20 million music artists share their work on SoundCloud yearly

11 Legit Strategies on How to Get More Plays on Soundcloud

SoundCloud has given music distribution a whole new meaning. With its expansive music library and many users, this platform hosts a robust online music community. Whether you are an indie artist or have a major record label backing, learning how to get more plays on SoundCloud can make all the difference in your career endeavors. 

Here are surefire ways to maximize your plays:

Make Great Music

There’s no cutting corners; gone are the days when people were “okay” listening to rubbish music. Crap tracks have no place in the current industry, and while rigorous promotion efforts may attract a listener or two, the song may not survive the test of time. The views of your audience can make or break your music marketing efforts. Making great music is the golden rule to making it big in the music industry. You earn more plays when people want to share and re-play your songs.

Here are a few tricks to make your music a little better than average:

  • Invest in solid music production, mixing, and mastering
  • Embrace the views of your fans, other artists, and tastemakers
  • Don’t give up; continue making the best music you can in large volumes

Make the Most of Existing Audience

As confusing as it may sound, you may not grow to your best potential if you only target your audience. Sometimes, it makes better sense to seek the help of people who have a bigger audience. When they share your music with their following, this may just turn you into an overnight sensation.

For instance, you could target experts with blogs or YouTube channels that attract thousands of visitors. Additionally, don’t forget to seek the help of influencers and radio stations. Even though your focus is on how to get more plays on SoundCloud, you cannot underestimate the importance of promoting yourself to off-site audiences. Once your music creates a buzz on promotional channels, social media, and YouTube playlists, the chances are that your plays on SoundCloud will also increase.

How to Get More Plays on Soundcloud; Don’t Forget Email Marketing. 

Here’s the deal; email marketing is king. After all, it offers a means to reach targeted audiences simply and clearly. Just about everyone likely to be on SoundCloud will have an email address that they visit often. This means that you can send your message, reach targeted people and hopefully see your play numbers on SoundCloud increase. Email marketing may be an old strategy, but it still works wonderfully.

Furthermore, sending emails allows you to reach more than just potential music listeners. You can also reach other artists, promotion channels, repost channels, and music labels, just to mention a few. While there is no assurance whether social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram will stand the test of time, it’s safe to say that emails are here to stay. 

Here are some simple tips to ensure you get the most out of each email you send:

  • Be brief and concise.
  • Use a conversational tone and treat the recipient as a human, not a robot
  • Personalize your message to make the recipient feel appreciated and valued
  • Follow up within a week or two in case your recipient doesn’t reply

Make Use of Repost Chains

SoundCloud offers a repost chain feature that is a helpful tool for garnering multiple accounts’ force in an automated and straightforward fashion. Essentially, a repost chain is a group of audience who repost your track automatically at timed intervals. A chain could consist of a group of music buddies who all want to maximize their exposure. Therefore, when one member of the chain submits new music, all members repost it to attract more plays. It remains imperative to be part of a chain whose members produce music that resonates with your fans. You don’t want to damage your brand by reposting music that will only annoy your existing fan base.

Here is how to create a new repost chain or join an existing one:

  • Producer buddies – gather members of your inner circle and create a repost chain from scratch. This will still promise you valuable exposure each time you release a new song.
  • Target bigger chains – bigger repost chains offer greater value to all its members. Usually, joining such chains is not a hassle as long as you already have a sizable following. For instance, you may be required to have at least 5000+followers to join as a new member.
  • Join random chains – if you are not picky and want to join any available repost chain, just do a Google search. The results are likely to be overwhelming.  Therefore, you can still get picky and only choose to join chains that offer you increased plays from your targeted audience.

How to Get More Plays on Soundcloud; Make Your Music Dead Simple To Discover

Soundcloud brags about a range of features that enhance user experience. Apart from the repost chain feature, it also has a ‘Discover’ tab that gives budding artists a discovery arena. To get your music featured on the discovery platform, make sure you use relevant track tags. Also, ensure you use the proper music genre tags and label your songs appropriately. Another sure trick of enhancing your chances of landing on the discovery platform is to generate fan engagement through comments and likes.

Avoid the Temptation to Pay for Likes and Followers

If you have a few bucks to spare, you can turn yourself into some sort of celebrity overnight. Unfortunately, buying likes and followers is not an organic promotion of your music. While fake plays may see you climb up the ladder of exposure, they are not worth it. Ideally, it is better to work on growing a following and fan engagement organically.

Taking the easy way may massage your ego with a load of worthless plays. However, even your real fans are likely to walk out on you when they realize you have loads of plays coupled with a few likes and several fake-looking comments. The main downside to buying plays, followers, and likes is that you risk losing the trust of genuine fans.

How to Get More Plays on Soundcloud; Think Big and Small

Another tip on how to get more plays on SoundCloud is to think big and small. Sounds confusing, right? Well, it’s all about not forgetting the small details even as you aim for bigger things. For instance, if you want to get featured on a music blog and grow your exposure, you may want to be a little picky before submitting your story. 

From a professional perspective, it is better to be featured on a small blog as long as you are represented correctly. Surprisingly, merely having your name on the subject line can make all the big difference. This is more so if you aim to shape your artist’s image in a specific manner. Even as you promote your music, nothing is as important as doing your homework and ensuring you benefit from the right kind of publicity. 

Don’t Be Self-Centered. 

Whether you are a budding musician or can flex muscles with thousands of organic followers, it can be a little tempting to focus solely on yourself. Unfortunately, this may not work in your best interests. One of the easiest tricks on how to get more plays on SoundCloud is to repost, like, and comment on the music of other artists with SoundCloud accounts. Hopefully, they will return the favor on their own accord.

If need be, message your favorite artists after reposting their video and request them to repost your tracks too. You could simply go like, “Hey Gangstalicious, I love your latest song ‘Up’ and have reposted it on my account. We make the same genre of music and both our followers and listeners can grow if we repost each other’s work occasionally. Here’s my latest track ‘Deep’ in case you want to share it”.

How to Get More Plays on Soundcloud; Use Persuasion by Reciprocation

So, you’ve heard about the law of reciprocity, right? Well, it works wonders, especially on social media. As aforementioned, simply reposting another artist’s music may make them feel obligated to return the favor. Sometimes, focusing on what you can give can ensure you get what you want. Think of it this way, anytime to earn a soft spot in the heart of another artist, you earn yourself a collaborative partner. Therefore, any repost from another artist will give you the chance to interact with their followers and perhaps grow your following, likes, and plays on SoundCloud in the process.

Maximize On Soundcloudfollowers.Org

Creating a follow-to-download gateway on is absolutely free. Note that even though you will be allowing your followers to download your music at no charge, they are obligated to like, follow and repost your account and tracks. See, it’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Registering on is dead simple. You should be done setting up your account in just 60 seconds. Because the platform is free, all serious budding musicians are better off using it.

Don’t Forget To Include Others in Your With Soundcloudfollowers.Org Gateways.

Again, allows you to set up to 7 SoundCloud accounts in one follow-to-download gateway. This is your perfect opportunity to gather other artists you often collaborate with. Including each other in your getaways increases your chances of growing your likes, followers, and plays in half the time. For instance, consider asking your blog channel to tag along with you in the getaway.

One of the best hacks of how to get more plays on SoundCloud is to entice your followers with free show tickets or free brand merchandise. Essentially, you can pretty much allow free downloads of your music in exchange for any promotional action. Irrespective of the action you demand, you are assured that followers who follow through are your real fans. Your efforts will help you grow a real and organic following that offers much more benefit than reposts, plays, and likes from bots.

In a wrap

We have equipped you with 11 proven and tested strategies on how to get more plays on SoundCloud. See, the proper promotional and marking efforts of your music must not be centered solely on SoundCloud. While your main focus is on increasing your plays, you have to look at the bigger picture. Organically enhancing your exposure will do so much more than just earn you short-term fame.