How To Get Gigs As A DJ – 11 Easy Ways

One of the most popular questions among DJs is how to get gigs as a DJ! However, there are no specific answers to this recurring question. But, there are ways you can get gigs to earn more money or gain fame as a DJ. You can either get the gigs yourself, or they’ll come to you. Either way, there is a level of hard work that you must put in. It doesn’t really matter if you start as a new DJ; getting gigs always comes up. Well, we have put together 11 ways to get yourself gigs and more DJ gigs!

So, if you are reading this and you’re lost on how to get gigs, be ready to have answers coming through. There is always something significant you can do to improve your situation. Now, this article contains efficient ways to improve your DJ gigs hunting process. Let’s quickly get to it. If you want more DJ gigs, then read through the 11 ways you can get one.


The first step to getting gigs as a DJ is standing out in every way. You have to learn to be different in how you play, your mixtapes, sound, and almost everything. At this time, everyone wants to hire a DJ who is good but stands out from other DJs. There are plenty of DJs out there who are just there copying other DJs’ work. So, when it comes to getting gigs as a DJ, there is a lot of competition. This fact is why being unique is very important in the DJ world.

The next vital question is, what can you do to be unique to get more gigs? The simple answer to this is not to play what every other DJ is playing. Sometimes, I feel like there is a particular pattern you must stick to as a DJ. You know, things like waving your hands to the crowd, play with as many buttons as you can quickly, and others. These patterns are pretty particular with almost every DJ I know. Many of these DJs just head straight to various online download charts and get the latest trend tune. I find this lazy as you do not get to show your audience your talent. You simply show people that you are just a regular DJ and doing what a regular DJ is doing. There is no uniqueness or standing out from the rest at all.

Being a DJ is not just about matching beats or mixing; it’s more than that. A Dj’s task is more about curating an excellent party playlist. It’s about making your audience understand the story you are telling or take them on a journey. You should build your audience with solid audio intensity ranging from one musical style to another. You get to show a whole lot of creativity and flare. All of these cannot be seen if you are simply playing the latest hits. So, as a DJ trying to get more gigs, this is the best time to show uniqueness. Being unique is not hard, which means you have no excuse.

How To Get Gigs As A Dj: Networking

By far, networking is the most important thing to do if you wish to get gigs irrespective of your profession. It has always been practical and will continue to be effective for any business. Most promoters will go for any DJ that they have a good relationship and support. So, you must create a good network with people. It is imperative if you wish to grow. Create a good connection with the right people, and one day someone might just call your phone. Attend the clubs and venues that you aspire to plat at someday and support their events.

However, networking doesn’t mean that you shove your mixtapes in the face of event organizers or make them uncomfortable. It also doesn’t mean that you have to enjoy the event or club or that they have to pick you up every club night. By doing that, you portray yourself as really irresponsible, and no one wants to hire an irresponsible person. The plan is to make sure these event organizers see you as an asset instead of a pest. Many talented DJs don’t get the gigs they deserve simply because they are not doing something right. Some of these factors include poor social skills, no time or access to resources, or even lack of marketing strategy.

Imagine the number of DJs available in the world now, and sometimes you find promoters looking for DJs for an event. I mean, if there are so many DJs, why do promoters still struggle for the right DJ for their event? It is because these DJs lack the strategy of networking and marketing efforts. Most of these DJs simply don’t make an effort to be seen by these promoters. You must make valuable efforts to network with the right people if you wish to get more gigs.

Begin your night

Another way to get gigs as a DJ is to start your night or show in your community. Starting your night is a perfect way to launch your DJ career. People get to see you and witness your talent while you enjoy what you love to do. Also, you might be getting a little bit of cash as well. From starting your night, you might begin to pitch your ideas to local venues. Kick-off a decent contract with them and some other venues as well. Starting your night as a DJ will go a long way in pushing your career.

You don’t necessarily need to have a large sum of money to push this. Instead, you need to stop making excuses. From having your show, you might become a resident DJ for some venues in the long run. Start today and make a long-term plan.

How To Get Gigs As A Dj: Build your brand

This process is as important as learning the dos and don’ts of being a DJ. Now, in this technology era we live in, building and maintaining your brand is essential. An excellent place to begin branding is to get yourself a professional business logo. It’s not just the logo but also a fantastic website to match your brand. It is because the more skilled you look, the more presentable you are to these promoters. Plus, building your brand makes you look serious or professional.

How do you start with this branding thing? Simply look online and check what fellow DJs are using, get inspiration and begin. Get a good graphics artist that portrays your brand in a very catching manner, and you are one to start branding. This period is the 21st century; your business is nothing with branding. Branding introduces you to the right audience, and this applies to every profession. Your audience and promoters want to get to know you and connect with you. It will only happen via social media platforms, which means you have to brand yourself first.

Online presence – social media

Now that we have branding, let’s talk about building your online presence via social media platforms. Let’s not forget that the goal is how to get gigs as a DJ. Having a solid online presence will help boost your chances of getting gigs and getting bigger. You have to ensure that you are active on all social media platforms. IT is because promoters will check how solid your online presence is before they hire or refer you.

At least, you should have an active account on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. Not just being active, you should also be able to post on each platform regularly. sA famous line says “content is king” when building an online presence or marketing. You might not be sure how to go about what to post or the right way to do it; there is a way. You can simply check what other DJs are posting or doing online and get inspiration from them. You can now prepare your strategy and stick to that plan. A few ideas are posting photos and videos from past jobs, mashups, and mixes, and so on. Alternatively, you can also promote other DJs, promoters, and even artists on your page.

Instagram is one of the most important social platforms for DJs and celebrities to connect with fans. You may not be famous immediately, but you still endeavor to post every gig you get. However, you must promote every event you work with; you might begin to get attention. In essence, get a good smartphone with a good camera and ensure you share photos while you mix.

Another influencing social media platform is Twitter. A perfect place to market and connect with fans and promoters. This platform is the best place to get the latest information on any topic.

How To Get Gigs As A Dj: Create your music

This process is one of the best ways to get incredible and life-changing gigs as a DJ. Although it is not relatively as easy as it sounds, creating something different will get you that attention. Produce your music is probably the best way to become a full-time DJ. All you have to do is make a hit track to get people talking for weeks and the internet shaking. Then sit back and watch how you will have gigs coming at you from every corner. However, producing something so unique requires time, a lot of hard work, and dedication. It’s is relatively easy now with all the great technology available. You might not get the fame or gigs in one night, but keep producing. So, get your equipment and start producing some music.

Some of the best DJs have a particular mixing style or a signature move. Some have a specific playlist or how they play their mix. If you are looking forward to introducing yourself and be unique, you should have an impressive move. Let your vibe always be memorable.


Mashup is another way to get your talent out there and increase your chances of getting a gig. You should be ready to learn if you want to learn how to get gigs as a DJ. The perfect way to introduce yourself is mashup production. Before you jump in beginning your original work, you should consider mashup with other DJs. If you have no idea what a mashup is, you can look it up. As a DJ, you must learn to be creative with your sound.

There are so many mashups by some terrific DJs; you should get inspiration from them and produce yours. You might end up getting the attention of other DJs and promoters, including fans as well. Mashups are good for introducing yourself to the world.


Being a DJ is much more than just raising your hands or playing some good afro pops. It is so much more than just blending music or playing a good mix. If you are serious about being professional about being a DJ, then you should learn to be professional. It’s so saddening to see a lot of DJs not being professional about their job. I mean, organizing an event, festival, nightclub, and any sort that requires the presence of a DJ is not easy. It takes numerous planning, organization, and a high level of professionalism to pull it off.

Anyone who hires you expects you to show a high level of professionalism while at work. You have to be polite, be present on time, stay sober, and exceed your client’s expectations. Also, prepare to go the extra mile and keep your clients and promoters happy. You must bring backup equipment and ensure you carry your audience along. Finally, remember that as a DJ, you are responsible for entertaining and execute the job well. If you perform professionally, you will get more gigs. It’s as straightforward as that.

How To Get Gigs As A Dj: Form a Duo

Well, you already know the saying, “Two heads are better than one.” This saying also applies if you want to get more gigs as a DJ. Forming a DJ duo with someone who has talent just like you can help you rank higher. You get to divide the workload and work on things with more time on your hand. Two hands help gain progress even quicker. Well, having a good relationship with your partner can also make the job more enjoyable. When one DJ is short on ideas, the other picks up, and productivity continues. Although, you will have to split the pay ads well, so find someone you trust and can work with.

Get a manager

Another way to get gigs faster is getting yourself a good manager or agent. It will go a long way to reduce the search for new gigs. Well, you have to pay for it, but it gets you the right audience you need. Having a manager who takes the weight off your shoulder will allow you to focus on building yourself more. In the end, you see the value for your money. Your manager goes all the way; they’ll get the gigs and the meeting to get your ranking to the top. It is easier for these agents or managers to do this since it’s their field.

How To Get Gigs As A Dj: Flexibility and Versatility

Everyone has their musical preferences, but you don’t have to limit yourself to a particular style or approach. By doing this, you will only end up limiting yourself. If you want to get more gigs as a DJ, you should be a flexible DJ. If you are so rigid to a particular sound, you might also limit potential connections you might make.

You should be able to mix various music genres, beats, tempos. This flexibility will make you an excellent DJ and more sort for. Also, be versatile is also a skill to develop as a DJ as well. Promoters are always looking for a specific style to play at every event. So, being able to play different music is very important if you wish to get more gigs. Always have with you multiple playlists that you can readily jump into at any event.


There are several DJs out there ready to jump on to any DJ gig available. Being able to get more gigs means you have to work harder and plan better. Here are 11 ways to get gigs as DJ in this article. You should go through it and learn a thing or two to be a better DJ out there. I’m sure you have some ideas earlier, but this article should help you boost that idea to get more gigs. So, what do you intend to do now?