How Music Producers Make Money- 7 Creative Ways

Are you interested in a full–time job in music? Is your passion music production, and do you want to make a career out of it? Well, you’re not alone, and you’re in the right spot. There are varying options available for you to explore and make an income from. As a music producer, there are a variety of opportunities just waiting for you to grab them. Everybody has their skillset, and it determines the right income-making way for you. You simply have to look through these seven creative ways and choose the best opportunity for you. This article is a comprehensive guide of how producers make money. Hopefully, you’ll better understand what you need to do to earn money as a music producer by this article’s end. Let’s dive right in and discover creative ways how music producers make money. 

How Music Producers Make Money – Royalties

This method is trendy, and many music producers use this method to make money. It is a top way music producers make money because it is a rightful payment for your songs. When you make top-quality music and place them on online platforms, it will earn you money. You will receive loyalty for every purchase, stream, or download of your song. Whenever you listen to your favorite music producer on Spotify or Apple Music, they make money from each stream. It is royalty licensing which means collecting a share of the profit made from your original music. 

To earn money through royalties, you have to register with a Performing Rights Organization (PRO) or an independent distributor. There are different royalties that your songs can earn for you. However, as a music producer, your two top royalties are mechanical and performance. It is not easy to track royalties, and chances are someone’s using your music outside without your knowledge. That’s why you need to register with a PRO or independent distributor. They ensure that you receive payment whenever anyone uses your music.

How To Make Money Through Royalties

There are several processes to embark on to ensure that your royalties come in steadily. Royalties are for a lifetime, so putting this in place is beneficial to you long-term. First, you should try registering with an expert like PRO or an independent distributor. You shouldn’t try to do it all by yourself as you cannot keep track of every time someone plays your music. 

A PRO helps music producers collect royalties whenever someone uses their intellectual property. In the process of getting this done, PRO tracks down the number of streams and performance of your track. Next, they use this information to ensure you receive the proper payment. A PRO’s primary goal is collecting performance royalties for music producers and songwriters. After you sign up, you can submit your music tracks and manage your profile. You can also track the performance royalties you’re earning to know how much you’re getting every month. 

An independent distributor usually works with PROs to collect royalties on your behalf. Independent distributors go the extra mile of acting as your publishing administrator. This position allows them to manage more royalties than PROs. An independent distributor also performs the function of distributing your music on online stores. 

Sync and License Tracks

The second on the list of how music producers make money is synchronization. You can license people to use your songs on visual media. These visual media usually include promotional campaigns, films, commercials, films, and many more. It is also called synchronization, and there are royalties for this licensing. Licensing is very lucrative and is a creative way to make money as a music producer. To explore this opportunity, you have to be creative and can work speedily under tight schedules. Many music producers make thousands of money selling soundtracks on music libraries. The question then becomes how you can see your license your music and sell them on music libraries.

How To Make Money Synchronizing Tracks

First, you have to note that the music tracks you sell on music libraries differ from those on a label or the ones you play on the radio. They are custom pieces that should fit the company’s request and the job description. These music pieces are often not full tracks, and sometimes, you have to produce the music based on video content. Most of these companies will not contact you directly. They source licensed tracks through music libraries. They can sift through the available catalog on these platforms and settle for the one that best suits their preference. The music you hear in movies, commercials, video games, and much more visual media people usually pick them from music libraries. Some music libraries you can explore are Pond5ArtlistMusic VinePremium Beats, and many more.

When reaching out to any of these music libraries, you will need a resume with top-quality tracks. Ensure you create a custom folder to show them your versatility as a music producer. If you have music with labels, inform them about this as it can help prove your professionalism. You can also impress these music libraries to pick a video or TV commercial and mute it. Make a custom track you think would be an ideal fit for it and showcase your talent.

How Music Producers Make Money – Sell Sample Packs

Another creative way that tops the list of how music producers make money is selling sample packs. One process that has become prominent in the music industry today is the use of royalty-free samples. It is most prevalent in electronic music because producers are on the lookout for top-quality samples. They use these samples to develop their sound, and you can make money off it. If you want a polished track, you need to have professionally processed samples. There are many sample pack companies looking for talented music producers to create sample packs for them. 

These sample pack can be in any genre and usually follows latest trends. If you have experience and know that the music you produce is on the same level as sample packs from top companies, contact them. You can either sell to these companies or sell it directly to the buyer yourself. 

How Do You Make Money Selling Sample Packs?

First, you have to send the sample pack to the company to label them pack appropriately. If the package contains various elements like loops, vocals, effects, drums, and many more, create custom folders. A custom folder helps people navigate to the appropriate section easily. You can create subfolders for each of the elements you would include in your sample pack. However, if you’re new to sound designs, you can take online classes or sound designs or read guides. Once you have the sample pack, selling them is the next step. 

Reach out to sample pack companies and see whether they have an interest in your sample pack. Ensure you meet their conditions and comply with their terms before you reach. A sample pack company gives you less flexibility in price and distribution. Some companies include WA Production, Loopmaster, Vandalism Sounds, and many more. Alternatively, you can choose to sell the sample pack yourself. This choice usually requires a lot of promotion and investment for the profits are generally all yours. 

How Music Producers Make Money – Live Gigs

Another creative method that features how music producers make money is the live gig option. Many music producers make their income by playing at live shows. Live shows are very beneficial to the career of a music producer. Apart from the money it offers you, it also provides you with the opportunity to connect with your fans. This way, you can improve your brand and give your music the exposure it needs. You can also check out club shows if you enjoy DJing. You can start locally by getting exposure in your locality as a live performer. Remember that this is very different from producing music. However, if you can get it done, it is a great way to showcase your music.

How To Make Money Doing Live Gigs

The best way to start this top way of making money is to visit local bars. Check out venues in your town and see if they’ll let you host a show. Ask them to listen to what you’re offering and explain why you want to play live. If they like your music, word will spread, and more venues would invite you to perform. Soon, you can reach out to bigger clubs with your reputation as a stellar live performance. However, always be ready to start out playing for free. It’s a process, and you need to be patient to get to the top.

Once you start getting shows, make sure you publicize them through social media platforms. It will provide many people with an idea of what you have to offer and helps you get invites outside your locality much faster.

How Music Producers Make Money – Monetize Youtube Channel

Another top method amongst how music producers make money is through YouTube channels. When you put in time and effort into building up a YouTube channel, it will pay off in the long run. When you have a channel and a sizeable follower base, you will start making money off it. You can build a YouTube channel talking about music or showcasing your skills. Whatever you’re offering has to be something people would be interested in so you can get subscribers. Once you have a sizeable subscriber list, you can start making money off the platform. 

How To Make Money Through Your Youtube Channel

There are varying ways you can make money on YouTube. Once you have up to 1000 followers, you can turn on ads. When you do this and upload new content, YouTube attaches an advertisement to your content, and you get paid for it. YouTube pays you a percentage of the ad spend on your videos, and when you have up to $100, they pay it into your account. 

You shouldn’t expect to make so much money from the YouTube platform because you need close to a million views to make up to a thousand dollars or more. One way to quickly reach a million views is to upload a video and hope it goes viral or upload several videos and collect the views together.

You can also use the content ID to make money through YouTube. This method is by placing a digital fingerprint on your track. Any time people feature your music in videos that runs ads, YouTube notifies you. You then have the choice to either monetize the video or block it. If you want to monetize the video, you will earn a portion of the ad money the video is making. It usually depends on who uses your music, but you can make from nothing to thousands of dollars every month. You can also earn cash on YouTube through affiliate marketing, paid partnerships selling digital products, and many more.

How Music Producers Make Money – Teach People Your Craft

One of the top ways how music producers make money is by teaching people what they do. Information products are one of the top-selling products this year. There’s a huge market demand for it, and it’s easy to sell without leaving your home. If you have the music producing skills, some people want to learn and will pay to learn. People are always looking to learn new skills they didn’t learn at school, and music production is one. If you think you have valuable lessons about music production, share them with the beginners. You don’t always have to have a one-one class. You can set up pre-recorded courses online. Most online courses require video, but you can choose to use auto, photos, video, and text for optimal results. If your course is interactive, people would leave good reviews for you and be willing to come back.

How To Make Money Teaching People Music Production

First of all, you have to create the tutorial or course you want to upload online. Ensure your videos are immersive and fun. Next, you can either create a platform where you share them or use third-party platforms like Udemy, LinkedIn Learning, Coursera, and many more. Register on the platform, and if you meet their requirements, you will be allowed to upload a course. Put a reasonable price on your course; you can start with a discount to make people want to register. 

Sell Merchandize

Another top method amongst how music producers make money is through the sales of merchandise. All you have to do is build up your personal brand and make your craft unique from other producers. Once you have a prominent brand, you can start selling other things apart from music. It doesn’t matter whether you’re building your profile or it’s a collective project. Develop a memorable image and create different products around it. You don’t have to be huge to set up your merchandise. However, you need loyal followers that you know will buy products with your name on them. Clothes are one of the popular options for music producers who want to sell merchandise. You can also sell other products like CDs, Vinyl, and several other accessories.

How To Make Money Selling Merchandise

You can make money easily selling merchandise; the internet makes everything relatively easy. You have first to create your concept. It should be unique and custom-made. It could be clothing like hoodies, sweatshirts, t-shirts, and many more. Next, you have to pick the right design for your merchandise. You can go with your slogan, logo, song lyrics, brand name, or even catchphrases people would link to you. You can create designs using Canvas, PIXLR, or hire a freelancer to create the design for you. Next, you can start selling your merchandise on eCommerce platforms.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’re aware of how music producers make money and understand the music industry better, it’s up to you to choose which you will adopt. This article covers seven creative ways you can make money as a music producer. You don’t have to settle for one; you can explore different options at the same time. The more opportunities you explore, the higher your income will be. Thanks to the tips shared on how music producers make money; you can now start your full-time career as a music producer.