How Much Do Musicians Make From Spotify

Over the years, there has been a rise in many streaming platforms. Some of them include Apple Music, SoundCloud and Spotify, and many more. Amongst them all, Spotify has made a name as one of the best streaming platforms for all users. It has over 144 million subscribers globally and features 50 million songs. It is an excellent place for new and famous artists to share their music with their fans. Therefore, you must be asking yourself questions like how are musicians on the platform fairing? And how much do musicians make from Spotify? 

While listeners usually enjoy a vast range of benefits on the platform by listening to their favorite songs, artists don’t seem to be enjoying as much. On the platform, it isn’t clear how much musicians make from Spotify. Many factors go into determining how much payment you will receive as a musician on Spotify. As a musician, you have to understand how the premium accounts and distribution contracts you have affects your pay as a musician on Spotify. To help you answer the question ‘how much do musicians make from Spotify,’ keep reading.

How a Streaming Service Benefits Me

With streaming services taking over the music industry globally, it has never been more important to jump on the moving train. Many people from around the world subscribe to various streaming services so they can enjoy their favorite music. However, many musicians are skeptical about streaming services and how they could benefit from these services. This skepticism is closely related to the question ‘how much do musicians make from Spotify.’ Let’s explore various benefits you enjoy on a streaming service when you sign up as an artist. 


One of the salient reasons why you should hop on the streaming service train is because of the connection it offers you. You might have fans globally that you are not able to connect with because of locations. However, when you sign up and place your music on Spotify, it helps you connect with millions of listeners simultaneously. Also, those who don’t have exposure to your music can now have access to it. This kind of exposure is hard to find elsewhere. While you’re connecting with your fans, it also allows you to make new fans. 


Streaming services also help you widen the impact you have on the populace. While radio stations do an excellent job enabling you to impact a segment of people, Spotify widens the range. It also gives you control over your music, and you might find this advantageous in the future. You can also impact the younger generation who have no experience with record stores. This set of listeners look to streaming services for their music. 

Helps Upcoming Musicians Get into the Music Scene

Upcoming musicians tend to benefit more from streaming services. Instead of moving from one CD store to another to sell your music, you can place it online. With the rate at which upcoming musicians struggle to get their music out there, Spotify offers you a platform with hundreds of millions of listeners. You can use Spotify and its broad listening base to introduce your music to the world. Although the answer to the question ‘how much do musicians make on Spotify’ isn’t clear yet, it helps to boost your online presence. Instead of releasing an album every two-three years like previously, you can now release much content at once.

Valuable Insight

One of the top benefits of using streaming services like Spotify that musicians do not take advantage of is valuable insight. Your music is now out there, and there are millions of people on the platform listening in. It provides you with a better idea of what your fans are more interested in and where you should implement improvements. Despite the unclear Spotify rates and discrepancies in answers to the question ‘how much do musicians make on Spotify,’ there are many benefits Spotify poses to its users.

How Much Do Musicians Make From Spotify – How it Works

Everyone who uses Spotify knows they’re not quite transparent about the payment system for artists. Although tallying up the number of streams is enough to calculate the payment on other platforms, it doesn’t work on Spotify. There are varying factors you need to consider, like the subscription tier of listeners on Spotify. It also puts into consideration the country of origin of listeners and the number of streams per song. Other factors include the advertising revenue for different markets and the musician’s distribution contracts. 

With all these factors playing a vital role in Spotify’s terms of payment, it’s hard to find the answer to how much do musicians make from Spotify. There is no exact formula, and the information we have comes from other companies and not Spotify. In 2020, there was a report that Spotify paid a little over $800 for one million streams in Argentina. However, reports showed that musicians in Norway received $5,491 for one million streams. We could chalk up the discrepancies to the variation in subscription rates across different countries. The premium could be lower than $1 in developing countries and over $15 in developed countries. However, there’s been a notable rise in Spotify’s average payout rate over the years.

How Much do Musicians Make From Spotify – Pay Per Stream

One thing is clear; one stream is less than a penny on Spotify. Research by the Recording Industry Association of America shows that paid subscriptions trump album sales today. Although there has been a decline over the years, the pandemic drove it further down by cutting down revenue from physical products. With the physical aspect of musicians’ income decreasing, music streaming has become even more vital for music artists. Based on reports by the insider, Spotify pays around $.0054 per stream, which means you need more than 200 streams for a dollar. It explains why most rappers make their income through features and selling merch. 

How Much Do Musicians Make From Spotify – How Spotify Streaming Royalties Work

Royalties are compensations that musicians earn when someone uses their licensed music. The royalties rate depends on the contract signed by the musician. It is usually a percentage of the net revenue from the units sold or, in some cases, online streaming. There are several royalties that musicians earn prom, including performance, print, sound recording, and many more. Royalties are usually for a lifetime so that you could retire, and the checks will keep coming in. While most musicians relied on radios, concerts, and CDs for royalties for a long time, streaming is becoming a great option. It is even more accessible for music artists still finding their ground. 

On Spotify, the monthly gross revenue obtained from ads and subscriptions determines the royalties. Once Spotify takes its share, other people involved in the music process share the rest. These include record labels, distribution companies, songwriters, publishers, performance artists, and many more. Many times, the distribution company handles the negotiation of payout fees. Famous artists usually have labels that govern the distribution on their behalf. On the other hand, artists who chose to work independently use a distribution company. These companies typically charge an annual fee or request for a payout percentage.

To answer the question ‘how much do musicians make from Spotify, you have to understand how the royalties work. It is a crucial part of the income generated from Spotify and can significantly increase the amount you make on Spotify. Popular Spotify artists who have a large following make most of their money through royalties. It isn’t always the same for upcoming artists as they struggle to reach a million streams to make some money on the platform. 

Do You Get Paid Every Time Someone Plays Your Song on Spotify?

To answer the question ‘how much do musicians make on Spotify,’ you should also be aware of the payment frequency. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a new music artist or a famous artist; streaming services are unavoidable. Since everyone now uses these platforms to make some extra income, you must be wondering if your income increases every time Spotify plays your song. This question is crucial because it’s a fact that the number of streams determines your payout. It is also a sign of recognition and will help your song’s rate even higher.

The answer to that question is a simple yes. Every time someone plays your song n Spotify for a minimum of thirty seconds, you will receive income for it. Spotify considers thirty seconds a stream and therefore adds the royalty to your total, which you will receive later. Many artists keep crying out over the years that they don’t get enough payment for their streams. Spotify clarifies that the fee is usually low because many people involved in the music-creation process share it. Independent artists receive more favor in times like this because they own all the rights to their songs. For such musicians, the problem becomes getting the streams to increase quickly.

How Much Do Musicians Make from Spotify – How to Increase Earnings

A study about how Spotify musicians in Finland receive payments took place in 2017. Results showed that musicians on Finnish Spotify receive payments based on how their streams hold up against popular songs within a set period. Most popular artists get more streams, so it’s easier for them to earn more. However, new artists need more streams to be able to earn more money. While it is clear that the answer to ‘how much do musicians make from Spotify’ isn’t favorable to users, you can take steps to increase earnings. One of the best ways to increase revenues is by increasing your fan base. You can achieve this by consistent production of music. Remember that not all listeners are the same. The free listeners tend to listen more but won’t earn you much money. However, premium subscribers pay more per stream.

How to Support Your Favorite Artist on Spotify

Famous artists make more money on Spotify. Therefore, if your favorite artist doesn’t have a large following, how can you help them earn more? From this article, it is pretty clear that the answer to ‘how much do musicians make from Spotify’ isn’t favorable to your favorite artist. There are varying ways you can support them beyond streaming their songs, and below are a few steps you can take.

Subscribe on Spotify

As a free tier listener, your streams don’t favor your favorite musicians so well. Most of the revenue that Spotify uses to pay your artist comes from subscription and ad revenues. If you want to support some artists on Spotify, then you should invest in a premium subscription. Although the payout rate generally varies from country to country, the benefits are still more significant than those from a non-paying subscriber.

Follow their Social Media Pages

Engage with your favorite artist’s content on social media. Another method you can support them is by following their social media pages and sharing their content. Most artists announce the release of their new songs and other updates on their social media pages. When you share these updates, you will increase their post reach. This way, subscribers in other countries where streams are worth more might see it and subscribe. Sharing their updates on social media is a way to support them without spending a dime.

Watch Their Live concerts

As a music lover, you know how memorable live concerts can be. It is usually an experience that you cannot forget for the rest of your life. Although most of the shows might be far from where you stay, endeavor to attend those closest to you. There are online platforms where artists receive payment for live streaming. You can also take part in some live performances without ever leaving the comfort of your home.

Buy Their Merchandise

While many artists do not release CDs anymore, they now sell merchandise related to their music. You can support your favorite artist by purchasing their merchandise like shirts, posters, hoodies, and many more. Most times, these merchandises have their names, logos, or catchphrases related to them. Ensure that you purchase these products to make sure your favorite artist receives the proper compensation. Also, make sure you make purchases from only licensed distributors to avoid buying an imitation.

How Much Do Musicians Make From Spotify – Final Thoughts

Being a musician is not usually an easy journey. The music industry is quite complex and a competitive arena that many artists struggle to make a career in music. While Spotify provides a platform for new and established artists to make some income, it comes with some challenges. The question ‘how much do musicians make on Spotify’ has been asked so many times. However, we can all agree that it isn’t much, even with compensations.

The best option for a musician is to produce quality music that will aid them in gaining a large following. Also, there are many benefits a player gets to enjoy from using Spotify apart from the income that makes it worth it. As a listener, you can also support your favorite artist and make sure they get the compensation they deserve. However, we can all agree that Spotify ensures that both new and established musicians have a platform they can express themselves.