How Do Music Producers Make Money – 9 Ways

Today, most music producers usually have to find another source of income to survive. The music industry is highly competitive, and you need to stand out to make money. The top music producers have access to top-quality studio gear and other high techs. It means that there are more available people than you with the skills and equipment to make great music. As a music producer wondering ‘how do music producers make money,’ you’re in the right spot. This article covers nine realistic ways to make money as a music producer. This article includes innovative methods that work and is popular amongst successful music producers. Stick with us; you never know which is suitable for you till you get to the end.

Licensing Works

One of the most realistic ways for music produces to make money is by licensing their music. It is a method used by successful music producers and allows their music to make money for them continually. When you register your music, you will receive payment every time a third party uses it. This feature means that the more your song is played on the radio, a YouTube video, or a TV show, the more money you’ll get. There are two ways licensing your music can begin to make money for you. The first method is by registering your music with a performance rights organization. Once the registration is complete, you can then make them available publicly. Third parties can play them this way, and you can receive payment for your work’s usage. 

The best side is that you don’t even have to do the work of tracking down everyone playing your song; the PRO does it for you. The second method you can make money through licensing your music is by licensing it on online music libraries and marketplaces. These marketplaces are where musicians and filmmakers search for music they can use for their songs. When you list your song, you earn money every time a person buys permission to use your beats or songs. There are several music libraries you can explore. Some are based on genres, while others depend on the type of music you specialize in. Narrow your choice down to a marketplace people who love your kind of music prefer. A popular choice of music place is Splice, but you can try several other options out there. 

Play Live Gigs

Another practical method is topping the answer to ‘how do music producers make money?’ is playing live gigs. Many music producers like to play live gigs, and they make tons of money this way. Apart from paying the bills, playing live gigs give music producers a chance to connect with their brand. It’s easier to build your brand this way while creating the right kind of buzz for your music. If you know how to DJ or make music you know appeals to people, consider live gigs.

One way you can start is by approaching local bars and nightclubs. Once you successfully establish your presence in this location, you can then expand to outer regions. Before you begin the process, you must be willing to start small. You need to understand that building your track record takes time, so you might have to accept small fees initially. When you start booking your shows, share them on social media for publicity and motivate fans to show up for the next performance.


Although many people complain about the low earnings music producers make from streaming, those cents can add up over time to a sizable amount. Streaming platforms like Spotify, Tidal, Amazon Music, and many others have dominated the music industry. Streaming is the new method of listening to music, and you need to join the trend and utilize it in making money. One top way of making a lot of money on streaming platforms is by getting on their playlist. When you get on playlists the platform generates, you can reach hundreds of thousands of plays every day. One top benefit of being a music producer is that you can have several tracks making money for you. 

Another way to increase your number of streams is by getting on music blogs; they have a two-month policy for keeping music content fresh. Check websites that create playlists like SidekickSoundplate, and many more and submit your music to them. Pay attention to their submission process, and once you make it in, you’ll notice an increase in your music streams. An increase in the number of streams translates to an increase in the money generated from such platforms.

Synchronization : How Do Music Producers Make Money

Synchronization is also known as ‘library.’ It is when you negotiate a deal with broadcasters to use your music. The broadcaster could be a computer game, TV advert, shopping malls, online adverts, or even movies. It is pretty similar to streaming, and the deal’s value is usually dependent on the audience size. This fact means when the listening party is significant, then your contract will be more lucrative. Although synchronization was once open to record labels previously, independent music producers can now synchronize their music. All you have to do as a music producer is send your music for consideration to leading entertainment agencies. The exciting part is that submissions are free, and you don’t have to pay a dime.

Use YouTube to Your Advantage

Most people go to YouTube to source for skits, music videos, and several other types of videos. You have to grow your YouTube channel, and this usually requires time and effort. However, the time and effort you concentrate on developing your YouTube channel usually pay back once you’re successful. If you have your YouTube channel and a decent follower base on it, there are many ways you can make money off it. First, you have to turn on ads. Many businesses spend thousands of dollars on ads, and you can get a percentage of the money by turning on ads. You can also make large sums via YouTube by uploading your music on the platform. 

Once your earnings are up to $100, you can make a withdrawal into your bank account. However, just like streaming, you need up to a million views to successfully make a thousand or two thousand dollars on the platform. You can also use YouTube content ID to make money. When you add a content ID to your music on content ID, you can make money whenever someone uses your tracks in videos. If YouTube finds a track for your videos, you can either choose to block it or start making money when YouTube runs ads on the videos. 

Teach Music Production to People

Information products are one of the top leading products today. Many people are looking to break into new markets and have to learn the skills for that. Also, the fact that you can sell information digitally is a top reason why this market keeps growing. As a music producer wondering ‘how do music producers make money,’ teaching is one of the ways. If you already have the skills and people are willing to pay you to learn, why hold back? You don’t have to meet your students in person; online meeting platforms like Google Meet, Skype, Zoom, and many others are available. The exciting part is that they’re free and allows you to share audio and screen when using them. 

Many young people are trying to learn music production, and with your industry experience, you can show them the way to. You can also check online job platforms for vacancies for music production tutoring. There are usually vacancy posts like this on many job search platforms, and if you pay attention, you might get lucky on your search. 

Offer Online Services : How Do Music Producers Make Money

Another answer to ‘how does music producers make money is through online services. If you’re an independent music producer, you can choose to offer your skills online to anyone in need of it. Some of the services you can put out there are recoding, mixing, editing, mastering, and many more. Musicians, ad creators, and many other creative people usually need help after production and music production. Sometimes, they will require your skill for recording or audio editing, and you can help them and make money in the process. You can usually find these kinds of gigs on online marketplaces like Upwork, Soundbette, and many more. If you’re interested in mastering engineers and mixing specifically, you should explore Soundbette.

Another method you can get the word out there is by posting on your social media. When you let people know what you have to offer, you might get a recommendation from a friend or two. If you have a website, you can also have a section that outlines what you’re offering and a contact form for anyone who wants to reach out to you. If you provide many services, it will be easier to get a gig because there’ll always be someone who needs your help. 

Try Selling Merchandise

The music merchandise market continues to grow every year, and you can make some money from it too. It is one of the top answers to the question ‘how do music producers make money?’ Selling merchandise at concerts and gigs is a popular way for music producers to increase their earnings. The great part is that technology has made it much easier to sell your merch without playing gigs or moving the goods around. There are many varying sites online where you can order music merch, and they will print it per order. It will save you the cost of creating a mountain of stocks when there’s no order yet. If you have some fans, you can simply offer your merchandise to them; fans are always glad to represent their faves by wearing their merch. 

A way to start is by putting on a signature solid look on social media platforms. If people are into what you have to offer, the orders will come in. First, you have to decide what merch you’re willing to sell and then design it with your slogan, logo, catchphrase, or any other representation of you. Put it on different online marketplaces, and you’re good to go. 


Another way you can make money is simply by ghostwriting. It tops the many answers to ‘how do music producers make money?’ and is a realist method. You will make money off your beats without the hassle of promotion, performing, or any other act. Many rappers, pop artists, and DJs are continually on the search for unique beats. Many artists bring in ghostwriters to help them create beats that would become hits to sustain their music. However, to find the right kind of people to ghostwrite for, you need to network. Connect with managers, artists, and bands and get them to listen to your songs. It won’t be easy, but if you have great music for artists to work with, they’re sure to be willing to buy your music.

Conclusion : How Do Music Producers Make Money

Making money as a music producer usually requires pursuing more than one revenue stream. If you can balance some of these realistic ways or all of them, you’ve found yourself making a steady income as a music producer. It’s all hard work, but you can rest assured that it will all pay off in the end. It usually takes one breakthrough to ignite your entire music production career. Hopefully, this article answers the question ‘how do music producers make money for you and helps you recognize new ways you can put your music to work for you.