Apps For Writing Music: Apps on Android & iOS

Music is all about inspiration. Inspiration can come anytime, anywhere, and anyhow. As a songwriter, inspiration can come to you anytime. The world has evolved and advanced to a point where you don’t need to go everywhere with writing material. Instead of looking for something to pen down your thoughts when inspiration hits, all you need is reliable apps for writing music.

The music writing app provides you with a better alternative to the traditional pen and paper methods. Music writing apps are much quicker, easier, and more efficient than traditional music writing. This article has gathered information on the nine best apps on Android and iOS for your effortless writing experience. 

  • What does music writing entail?
  • Why do you need an app to write your music?
  • 9 Best Apps on Android & iOS

What does music writing entail?

Music writing refers to you penning down your musical ideas. It entails downloading lyrics and melodies from your brain onto a sheet. Anybody can write music. Although, you need to know about music before you can write music. Most times, people viewed music writing as something people with notable talent do. Some artists even pay people to write their music just because they don’t believe in themselves. The truth is that any musician with a great vision for his career should write. You might not write something astounding on the first try, but practice makes perfect. Music writing is all about preparing your sheet music.

Music writing doesn’t have to be preplanned. Most times, it is spontaneous. You write as the inspiration comes to you. It could be the lyrics to a pop tune, a song, a symphony, a piano solo, or a film score. For instance, a songwriter could write an entire score to a string quartet, a popular video game, or even a ringtone. You could create an album worth of rocking songs. When it comes to music writing, there is no limitation. You go as far as your mind can take you. Writing music is a musical skill that you can attain. So, if you’re not writing yet, it is time to take a bold step.

Why do you need an app to write your music?

 Writing your music with an app is so much easier and quicker than writing the traditional way. Most, if not all, of the apps designed for writing music have been equipped with necessary features. They are not just a blank space where you pen down your ideas. They were designed specifically for music writing. Firstly, it gives the advantage of being able to write music on the goal. You will benefit from numerous extra features like exporting, playback, and sharing. 

Another benefit is the efficiency and accessibility of the apps. I stated earlier that music writing stems from inspiration. The distraction of looking for a note and a pen can cause you to forget what you wanted to write. When you have the app on your Android or iOS, you will access it anytime and anywhere inspiration hits. All you need is an IPad or a smartphone, and you’re good to go.

9 Best Apps For Writing Music on Android & iOS

I have compiled a list of the nine of the best apps for writing music on Android & iOS. Note that the features of these apps are not limited to the ones I mentioned here. 

Notation Pad

Notation pad has a ton of great features. The app is available for IOS and Android. This app is very accessible to any user. You can read and compose music on it. It also allows you to write lyrics and play scores out loud on it. After ordering your music, you can export your finished pieces using the famous MusicXML format. It makes it easy to switch between pieces of software. You can also exchange scores with other musicians as you wish.

Amazingly, this app supports up to 100 different types of instruments. This instrument includes the guitar, drums, and piano. It also allows other voices. With the notation app, there is no limit to your creativity. Whether you’re using Android or IOS, the app will give you the best experience.

Touch Notation

It is a unique notation app. It is a bit different from others in the sense that you can write directly on it. If you’re someone that prefers writing your music by hand, but you want it saved on your device automatically, this is the best app for you. This app allows you to do your writing the traditional way while enjoying the convenience of the modern way. All you have to do is draw different notes onto the screen with simple gestures. 

The only thing is that the app might require some getting used to. You have to write so that it can process as it doesn’t adapt to your writing style. Hence, it might be a bit frustrating at the beginning. However, with time, you will enjoy the appealing features of the app.


Notion music writing app is a powerful app designed majorly for IOS. It links to a larger piece of desktop software. This IOS app works with your personal computer, and it allows you to put down your music idea and lyrics anytime, anywhere, and then once you are back on your PC, you get to flesh them out.

The app has good features like easy interactive instruments for fast composting. It also features high-quality playback options using sounds recorded by a real orchestra. Aside from the fact that you get to write your music by hand, this app offers more appealing and essential features.

The Notion app is ideal for beginners because it’s quick to learn and master. Since it’s packed with powerful features, it’s also an asset for Pros. It is available on IOS.


Fourscore is a good app for making your music on iOS. The app was designed for iOS only with Apple’s mobile operating system in mind. It allows you to create setlists, annotate your sheets, and rearrange pages, and lots more. It works perfectly between devices, supports slide-over and split view. You can download files from storage directly into your fourscore app, save music from PDF from any website. The app also allows you to find music to play on the Musicnotes site. 


This app enables you to get what you need on time. Unlike some apps that allow for only simple sheets, you can create a piece of full-fledged sheet music. The app contains a set of tools that perform all your required tasks. The features range from opening any music file format to exporting the notes you have received in any format.  


Alright! For android users, this might be just one of the apps for writing music you’re looking for. Maestro app is a music composer designed mainly for android devices. Unlike some other music writing app, this app is free. It is also easy to understand and operate. You can write music easily and quickly by taping on preset notes. When you tap on any preset note, the app allows you to choose where you would like to position them. 

Maestro app supports multiple staffs and chords. It allows you to choose from 1 to 127 different musical instruments. You don’t have to wonder if it will work on your phone because it works on tablets and mobile phones.

Even though it might not be as fancy as other apps, it is a smart app. It allows most songwriters to do virtually everything they want.

Musical Notepad

Musical Notepad is another app for writing music designed for Android devices. It also has no cost implications. It features a clean interface that is free from clutter. You can easily concentrate on what you’re writing. The app is ideal for small touch screens. All you will do is tap on a corresponding symbol to add notes rather than write your scores by hand. 

This app is strong competition for other free apps because of its efficiency. It allows you the playback of your finished piece on your device. You can also store your music on your SD card for space management. Its ability to store music on external cards is a plus on its own because that is impossible with most notation apps. 


Noteflight is another excellent app on my list. This music writing app works on any kind of device. It works on tablets, mobiles, laptops, and desktop PCs. This app is also great for beginners who have no prior knowledge of the app. You can start your music writing without any problem because the interface features many powerful options.

A great feature of the Noteflight app is the ability to share your finished works with your fellow musicians. This feature is an opportunity to get feedback on your music and to improve your skills. If you require a pro software that works on all devices and allows interaction with other music composers, Noteflight is the answer to your need.

NotateMe Now

NotateMe is a simple IOS and Android music notation software. This app is very straightforward with a simple design. It supports handwriting so that you can compose very fast.  NotateMe app interface is designed to be spontaneous and easily understood just by intuition.

You can write music in your conventional way, then enjoy the benefit of making quick changes, listen back immediately, and share across different devices. Another feature of this app is that it allows you to take photos of printed sheet music. Then the app will convert it instantly for playback on your device.

Remember, I said some of the apps do not respond to your writing style? Well, NotateMe responds to your style of writing and improves the more you use it. With NotateMe, you won’t have any issues with incorrect notes. It is an app I strongly recommend.


If you’re still confused about which app to use for your music scoring, I suggest you try out 2 or 3 of our nine best apps for Android and iOS. Since you know what you want, it won’t be hard to find what works for you. Start with the simple and intuitive ones. Note that there are other good music notation apps for PC. But for mobility and availability, these apps are what you need.