Amazon Music for Artists: Profile Optimization

With more than 55 million subscribers in the year 2020, Amazon music remains one of the leading platforms in the world where you can stream and sell music. It is an online music store that enables music streaming and provides a middle-man service between artists and their audience. Amazon music for artists is similar in function to Spotify and Apple Music. 

Every artist needs an online platform like Amazon Music to reach a larger audience for their songs to be global. With so much attention worldwide on the internet and social media, music promotion and sales are primarily now online. As a result, platforms such as this provide the middle man service. As an artist, Amazon Music is a fantastic platform to make your music accessible to over 55 million listeners worldwide. The juicy part is you can keep 100% of what you earn from downloads and streams.

Amazon music is for both artists and music lovers; however, Amazon Music for Artists is specifically for artists. It helps measure and grow your presence on Amazon music. You can also access the artist support system, claim your artist profile, and monitor fan insight. However, to make the best of Amazon music for artists, there is a need to understand what it is and, most importantly, how to optimize your profile to maximize results. 

This article will inform you about Amazon music for artists and provide the help you need to optimize your profile.

  • Amazon Music for Artists
  • How it Works
  • Getting started with Amazon Music for Artists
  • How to optimize your Amazon Music for Artists profile

Amazon Music for Artists

Amazon Music for Artists is an online platform that offers insight into artists’ listeners and avails music streaming functionality. Unlike Amazon Music, it is specifically for artists with features that can help you get your music to your audience effectively. Amazon Music for artists is similar in function to Apple for Artists. It has features that allow the artists to monitor their activities and other artists’ activities on Amazon Music. Accessing and optimizing the use of this platform as an artist is very easy as you can, with a click download the application on your mobile phone (Android and IOS). Now, let’s get into how it works.

How it Works

Amazon Music for Artists enables you to do several things, including; claiming your account, adding artist images, getting verified, accessing global view on streams and your performance data. You can also upload and distribute your music via this platform with an uploading cost of as low as $10 for a single and $30 for an EP or album. The good thing is that you earn as your music is streamed or purchased. However, your music can be only be streamed after being reviewed, and it qualifies to be uploaded on Amazon Music. You can either upload your music for free using the Prime Music option or procure a paid subscription service by selecting the Amazon Music Unlimited option.

It has three main unique features. One of its features is a fan insight tab that can help you to focus on top listeners segments and grow your fan base over time. Another feature is a custom date filter which enables you to check; performance data on certain dates and the best performing length of each of your tracks. It also includes features that give you access to success metrics; this illustrates how your music performs with ‘Alexa’ and gives insights regarding voice requests by artist, album, song, and lyrics. You can maximize each of these functions and features effectively for your benefit.

How to Get Started With Amazon Music for Artists

If you are an artist, you most probably have many songs, some of which may be on Amazon Music already. If you don’t have your songs on Amazon Music, that may be an excellent place to start. Open an Amazon Music account and start streaming and uploading. Bear in mind that Amazon Music and Amazon Music for Artists are not the same platforms. In this section, we will be discussing how to get started with Amazon Music for artists.

To start, you need to download the Amazon Music for artists app or use the webpage. You can follow this link to the webpage or download the ‘Amazon Music for Artists’ app for android or IOS. Once you have the app, you can sign in with your details if you already have an Amazon account or click the ‘create a new amazon account’ button to create an Amazon account. Now you can use all the features available on the platform! 

Amazon Music for Artists Profile Optimization

To grow your presence and get the best of Amazon Music as an artist, you must optimize your profile by putting certain things in place and taking advantage of all the available features on Amazon Music for artists. The features you need to optimize and actions you need to take using your Amazon Music for artists app are what we will discuss in this section.

Every artist using the Amazon Music for artists app should do the following to maximize results;

Create a good profile

To own a perfect artist profile, you must ensure every detail is functional, clear, and propelling your music to your audience in a way they will love it. This is inclusive of your profile name and the artist image you use. To update your current Artist image, you can email a high-resolution image here. Your profile gives your listeners an image or idea of you, just like your music does. As a result, once you log into Amazon Music for artists, the next vital step to take is to claim your artist profile. It is straightforward to claim your profile; you can click here for a guide.

Invite your team

The platform allows you to invite team members. You can have about three team members of your choice in your Amazon music profile. These members often include the artist, the record label, and the manager. You can invite the remaining two members of your team with specific access and into specific roles. For instance, you can invite your manager with Admin access while the record label is invited to the team with the View-only access. Inviting your team allows you to focus on specific areas rather than managing your profile all by yourself.  

Submit your music to Amazon Music curators

After your artist profile is up and running, you can start planning to submit your next song release, either single or an album. Music submitted to Amazon can take up to one month before being approved as appropriate to be featured on Amazon playlists; hence it is essential to plan accordingly. As a result, if you intend to release a song, you should plan a month ahead. You must do song release strategically to ensure success. After release, you should check your performance numbers on the Amazon Music for Artists platform. Moreover, to submit your music to Amazon music curators, use this email link. You should note that the quality of the song submitted in terms of production matters in the consideration process. 

Add lyrics to your Songs.

One of the ways to make it easy for fans and listeners to find your songs easily using voice search is by adding your song lyrics to Amazon. That way, even if your fans don’t know the song’s title, they can still find it by searching the lyrics instead. Also, this increases the number of times your song comes up in the Amazon search engine, as your song will come up as suggestions in searches related to your song lyrics. To add your song lyrics to Amazon music, you can sign up with LyricFind. Making use of this feature will significantly grow your presence and increase your streams. 

Ask fans to use voice search.

You should also engage and encourage your fans to ask for your songs using the voice search feature. You can use the Amazon Music for Artists app to check and track the stats.  Asking ‘Alexa’ to play your song will go a long way in promoting your music on Amazon Music. Your fans can also ask Alexa to follow you. Amazon Music is the first online music streaming platform that allows you to view stats about how people are using the Alexa voice search. These stats are available on the Amazon Music for artists app, and the stats can help you determine which area to work on to get more people to request your songs.

Use Amazon Music playlist.

Amazon Music playlists are created according to the curator’s choices and Amazon Music algorithm; these lists are refreshed every week. For your song to be featured on more prominent playlists, it must be selected by Amazon Music curators. However, you can influence the algorithm by asking your fans to add your song(s) to playlists and ask Alexa to stream the playlist. The goal is to get your song on as many playlists as possible. This, in turn, increases the chances of your song making it to Amazon Music’s prominent playlists, and that will grossly increase your music streaming and purchase.

Check how listeners are discovering your music.

In your Amazon Music for artists app, play stats are available to show the number of plays or streams for both your songs and that of other artists. It is essential to take advantage of this feature to view how people are discovering your music regularly. Also, you can see other artists’ stats and learn from or take cues from them. Usually, you can stream songs from either of four stream sources. These are Amazon Music stations, User-owned playlists or libraries, search and playlists curated by Amazon Music. Checking your stats will help you discern which one has the highest number and which one you need to work harder on. This can help you focus your energy on the vital areas from the information obtained from the stats.

Use artist support team

In case of complaints or requests, Amazon Music for artists also enables you to reach out to a support team. For instance, if you want to remove songs from another artist with the same name and missing content from your artist app profile. You can do this by reaching out to the artist support team. By providing your ASIN, artist name and linking your social media accounts via the app, you are good to go. You can reach out to the Amazon Music for artists’ artist support team using this email link. 

Use Music Gateway

One of Amazon Music’s approved distribution partners is Music Gateway. You can get your music on other major music platforms alongside Amazon Music via this platform. The added advantage is the free music mastering service and free promotion available on Music Gateway.


Amazon Music created the Amazon Music for artists app for artists to easily manage their profiles and keep track of their fan base and song release stats. Looking at the many features available on the app and its possibilities, it is very important for every music artist using Amazon Music to have it. 

Most importantly, understanding how it functions and getting the best from it will help you as an artist. It will effectively increase your number of song streams and purchases. It also is vital to get more listeners for your songs. However, as much as you maximize the use of Amazon Music for artists to enhance your music promotion, you should use it alongside other streaming apps like Apple Music.